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Last week an 11 yr old boy killed himself due to "gay" taunting. this week another kid has also killed himself?

due to the same kind of "gay" taunting. What is wrong with the society we live in and who should be held responsible.

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    let me just start off by saying I really like you, haha just cuz im a tree hugger and a gay rights supporter and very libral! anyway, society, in my opinion is disgusting. We live in a world where there is a complete hierarchy of animals and we just assume that we are superior to them all. We are cruel and violent and just sick. So sick. Is there any other species that murders and violates and kidnapps and TAUNTs their own kind? or any for that matter? We are not in a very good place in the world. Equality is far from today, woman earn only 75 cents for every dollar men make and gay marriage was just denied, that gets me really angry. We are improving, we did just elect the first black president, but we still have a long journey ahead of us, and unfortunately until we reach the end of the long rode to peace, there will be some victims of society's cruelty:(

    • Adolf5 years agoReport

      Oh my God, gay marriage yeah good I want that, but the whole feminism thing with the wage gap is bs, studies have debunked it many times, it's just not true at all

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    Schools need to do a much better job of stopping the bullying. The penalties should be severe. It used to be just the boys that were bullies. Now the girls have gotten into the act. How is a kid who is bullied supposed to learn anything in the classroom when he’s worried about getting beaten up or harassed when he leaves school to go home? And how is he supposed to concentrate on his homework when he’s worried about getting to school the next morning without getting beaten up or harassed? Bullies are at the low end of the educational food chain. They have the courage of a toad and the intellect to match. Bullies should be given one chance to stop their nonsense. A first event should get them a two day suspension (they won’t mind because they’re not going to learn anything anyway). A second offense should be treated as battery and earn them a weekend in jail and a two week suspension. The suspension should be served in house, in the detention room so they can just sit there all day and be bored. Whatever it takes, we need to stop the bullying. It is not harmless and there is no justification for tolerating it. The days of “Boys will be boys” need to be discarded forever. An 11-year-old boy hanged himself because of the abuse he took. He died because no one at his school did anything about the bullying he was subjected to. BTW, this is not primarily an issue of bigotry. It's an issue of behavior. We can't punish people for their attitudes and beliefs, but we can certainly punish them for their behavior.

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    Parents have to teach their kids to be strong from the inside out. My son was taunted when he first came to his new school at 10 years of age and called "gay" because some of the other boys were jealous that all the girlies liked him. Yup, I was probably more hurt than him, afraid that he was hurt, but no he wasnt hurt. Infact, it was those same boys who became his best friends later on in the year & they are all still friends today.

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    We are all responsible. The ethics and morals of today have been slowly deteriorating since the late 50's. Ids it Rock and Roll like my grandmother Always said? or maybe the hairbands of the 80's my parents were wary of? I don't think there is any one thing we can pin it on other than what is now socially acceptable to do to someone is alot different. I blame it on the sense of self we have engendered in ourselves and our children over the last 20-30 years. Everyone is out for themselves and it is the fault of everything other than the individual.

    Source(s): that being said it is sad and my heart goes out to the parents.
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    I have known way too many people that have committed suicide and all of them had something in common. They were ill. Nothing anyone said or did would have changed what they did. And I guarantee that the same holds true here. If it wasn't over some kids taunting him then it would have been at a later date over something else. Sad as it may be the responsibility falls at the feet of the 11 yr old who killed himself.

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    The people doing the taunting Lola.

    I'm an Independent Conservative.

    That said I've lost 2 family members to AIDS because they were gay.

    This one crosses party lines kiddo.

    Source(s): Yeah. I still miss both of them.
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    > due to the same kind of "gay" taunting. What is wrong with the society we live in and who should be held responsible.

    I think Barack Obama is irresponsible after all he is anti-gay marriage. He said it in the debates and it's his official position. I think Barack Obama should be sued by the boy's parents.

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    Where are the parents?

    Dont they teach their kids about love?

    Dont they monitor their behavior as an 11 year old?

    Dont they teach "Sticks & Stones" and nothing is ever as bad for you to kill yourself???

    I think the problem is the media is focusing too much on the "GAY" comments and not the most disturbing problem.... ***11 Year Olds Killing Them Selves***

    And should this be aired on the 5 oclock news for other kids to see? (obviously the media has an impact on what people do)

    and OMG, Kids are not gay or lesbian at age 11.. they are still in the cootie stage.

    We didnt even know what homosexual 'gay' was at that age when I was growing up.

    Thanks to all this gay marriage propaganda crap, its ruining our youth.

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    There were some other cases just like this one, although the reason for being taunted wasn't because of sexual orientation.

    Being taunted for any reason can have horrible consequences.

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    Don't even think about blaming it on the people who taunted this kid. Yes, what they did was not commendable; but the ones responsible are the actual kids who committed suicide.

    In life, you have to go through hard times and they are unavoidable. If someone kills himself after mere taunting, that's a sign of weak-mindedness.

    This question just seems like a poor attempt of attracting sympathy toward homosexuals.

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