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Who thinks current Homeland Security Secy. Janet Napolitano needs to find another job..?

Does she even know what she's talking about..? From insulting Veterans as prone to 'right-wing extremism' to her latest gaffe that insultings Canadians & the Border..Well, what do you expect from a rookie-pres..?

Update 2:

What a bozo..

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    She is an utter disaster. Absolutely clueless about the job she is supposed to be doing and putting partisan politics ahead of the national interest.

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    Representatives from Central California went to talk to her about the water crisis and compromised domestic food supply. Farmers can't get water b/c the pumps that delivers water to the south have been shut down b/c of a fish called the Delta Smelt which is on the endangered species list. Land is laid fallow and jobs have been reduced by 60K-80K as a result.

    The reps took a fish in a bowl w/ some clear plastic over the top to avoid spilling the water in Chamber and asked her "Are fish more important the people?"

    Her response? "Can you please remove the plastic wrap so the fish could breathe." All while unemployment is at 50% in some central valley towns and food lines stretch down the block.

    To put that in perspective, GM was bound to lose 30K jobs.

    She's a nut

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    Baaaa loney. they're taking area in with e-be sure, they're extending the actual I.D. implementation time. they look jerking us round as demanding as they could. Over 60% of the human beings decide on the unlawful extraterrestrial beings deported. some 23% sense they decide on them deported especially diverse kinds. about 17% do not decide on them deported. Napolitano is flopping round like a fish on a monetary corporation. we want to understand the Obama human beings are going to implement the Immigration regulation till his revision are approved... or no longer. Alan Bersin might want to comprehend some thing we do not comprehend, yet i imagine it would want to be very, very sensible to inform us on the prompt. i will assert that once Alan stated the militia might want to no longer be used to shelter the border, his vaunted intelligence basically took a demanding hit. yet at the same time as he also shows the nationwide guard won't be able to be utilized by the Governors to do as they decide on, he ignored again. We might want to nicely be in hassle.

  • Me and the rest of the Military

    they even had a post about it on there email

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    She's smart on wanting to clamp down on border security with Canada. But she also needs to do the same damn thing on the southern border as well.

    I agree with her on that measure. Canada needs a little wake up call.

    Source(s): It's only business right?
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    it's amazing after what a disaster she was in arizona who could possibly think she needed a promotion? oh yea...

    "trust in god"...thank you for your service to our country.

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    I'm guessing none of these were direct quotes, but highly edited and taken out of context.

    Source(s): Just like Fox did with "spread the wealth around" - they stuck one question and Obama's answer to ANOTHER QUESTION together to make it look like he was saying something he wasn't.
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    Sore losers who think newsmax is a credible source...

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    Hopefully she can take obama with her! While she's at it Pelosi, Clinton,...

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    she actually needs to find herself another COUNTRY.

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