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What's your favorite book/novel?

Whats your favorite book/novel?

I really like the Harry Potter series, and anything thats thriller and compelling.

I've heard about Stephen King..but I don't know if I will like his books because they might be like too difficult or boring to me since I'm only 15. Has anyone ever read any of his books?

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    "Charlotte Temple" by Susanna Rowson.

    You should try Stephen King, I started reading his stuff when I was 12 and his stories are incredible. Not all of them, mind you. I am not a huge fan but he is better than most.

    Try Carrie, The Long Walk or Pet Cemetery

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    My favorite book is Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. It's more for people the ages somewhere around 9-13, but I think just about anyone [even if they are 66 or 15] can read Walk Two Moons and enjoy it. It explains complications with families, moving, the past, and yourself. I love how the story is written and how one person's story can weave into another's story with just an accident that started it all.

    I haven't read any of Stephen King's books, but I'm interested!

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    My favorite books are torn between Emma by Jane Austen and the Harry Potter series.

    I'm sixteen and I've read a couple of Stephen King's books, they can get a bit boring at times but I wouldn't really considered them difficult. I really enjoyed 'Salem's Lot.

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    My preferences seem to change every time i read a new book. Right now my favorite book is 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Aurthur's Court'. After reading 'Tom Sawyer' i didn't find Mark Twain to be very humorous, but now my opinion of his writing is at the top of the scale again.

    Stephen King does not write boring books, believe me. Each and every one that i have read kept me at the edge of my seat. If you like horror stories, i would definitely recommend this author.

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    I loved I am The messenger by Markus Zukas. It was fantastic. I didn't read any Stephan King when I was 15(which was like 3 weeks ago lol) but Trudi Canavan(Age of the 5), Garth Nix(Aborsen and then theres 2 more books)are really good authors.

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    I've read King's "The Tommyknockers" when I was 15. (I'm 16 now). It's pretty good, but MUCHO long. It has it's great moments, but only read it if you're dedicated. It takes a while and may start a little slow. Regarding difficulty, it shouldn't be too bad.

    A really great book is "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. It's awesome. It has adventure, mystery, love...all that good stuff.

    Also, the "Uglies" series by Scott Westerfeld is pretty good.

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    My favorite book by Stephen King is "Cell". That book was so entertaining but it is a little graphic. (But most of his books are)

    The Dark Tower series is also good but the first book may be a little slow. Once you get past that its good though.

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    Hey ! You should deff read the TWILIGHT series!!! I am 21 and I love it!!! LOL you will fall in love with Edward Cullen and if you don't somethings wrong. I also love the Harry Potter series. I have the whole dvd collection! I don't think you'll like Stephen King very much either. Anyway, if you haven't already read Twilight you should pick it up for sure. You should also go see the movie. It'll make you want a vampire boyfriend haha I like Dean Koontz betther than Stephen King. James Patterson is also good or Mary Higgins Clark.

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    The Maximum Ride Series (listed below) by James Patterson is really good!

    1- the Angel Experiment

    2- school's out- forvever

    3- saving the world and other extreme sports

    4- the final warning

    5- MAX

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    Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

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