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Why can't little children aged about 2 - 5 don't eat what we eat?

i mean like...because the meat is too hard for them to chew, because vegatables don't look good...etc

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    Scientifically, it is believed that the taste buds of young children are intensified in some manner to make a lot of plants (vegetables) taste bitter. This is so they don't accidentally poison themselves by eating some outdoor plant.

    Personally, I find it strange that my child will not eat carrots to save his life, but will pick up a dirty sock and chew on it. Whatever.

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    They only have one set of molars to chew with while we have four sets.

    The second set comes around 6 years of age and the third set at 12. (We also have wisdom teeth which erupt in late pubescence.)

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    A lot of little kids are picky eaters. They usually grow out of it.

  • probaly because there teeth are softer than ares and they dont have as many teeth as us!

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    they are not experienced and seen all the foods we have

    their kids

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