can you number these names please 1-10?

Lillian Joyce

Bella Rae

Amanda blake

Lola Grace

Elizabeth Anne

Maya Rose

Kyah lee

Crosslynn Jade

Jade Emerald

Juliette Hayse

Ora Gale

Erikka lindsay

Monica Carolynne

Olivia Taylor

Jesse Reed

Carly Jean

Taylor Nicole

Emma louise

I know some of these most of these are pretty ugly i know that that is why you can comment as you feel

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Best Answer

    Lillian Joyce-7

    Bella Rae-8

    Amanda blake-3

    Lola Grace-5

    Elizabeth Anne-9

    Maya Rose-3

    Kyah lee -1

    Crosslynn Jade -0

    Jade Emerald-4

    Juliette Hayse-9

    Ora Gale-7

    Erikka lindsay-8

    Monica Carolynne-7

    Olivia Taylor-8

    Jesse Reed-8

    Carly Jean-7

    Taylor Nicole-5

    Emma louise-9.5

  • 1 decade ago

    Lillian Joyce 3

    Bella Rae 7

    Amanda blake 2

    Lola Grace 8

    Elizabeth Anne 1

    Maya Rose 6

    Kyah lee 9

    Crosslynn Jade 1

    Jade Emerald 2

    Juliette Hayse 0

    Ora Gale 0

    Erikka lindsay 1

    Monica Carolynne 1

    Olivia Taylor 4

    Jesse Reed 1

    Carly Jean 6

    Taylor Nicole 5. I know a Nicole with the last name Taylor!

    Emma louise 9

    My favorites are Kyah Lee and Emma Louise

  • 1 decade ago

    Lillian Joyce-3

    Bella Rae-7

    Amanda blake-6

    Lola Grace-8

    Elizabeth Anne-2

    Maya Rose-1

    Kyah lee-5

    Crosslynn Jade-1

    Jade Emerald-4

    Juliette Hayse-9

    Ora Gale-1

    Erikka lindsay-3

    Monica Carolynne-8

    Olivia Taylor-10

    Jesse Reed-1

    Carly Jean-3

    Taylor Nicole-10

    Emma louise-8

  • 1 decade ago

    Lillian Joyce 9

    Bella Rae 6

    Amanda blake 5

    Lola Grace 6

    Elizabeth Anne 6

    Maya Rose 7

    Kyah lee 8

    Crosslynn Jade 1

    Jade Emerald 2

    Juliette Hayse 6

    Ora Gale 2

    Erikka lindsay 3

    Monica Carolynne 7

    Olivia Taylor 4

    Jesse Reed 3

    Carly Jean 8

    Taylor Nicole 4

    Emma louise 8

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think there are some great names in here!

    Lillian Joyce - joyce isnt pretty enough - Lillian Jayne? 5/10

    Bella Rae - Bella is beautiful, Rae not so much 4510

    Amanda blake - Amanda is ok, I really dislike Blake 4/10

    Lola Grace - perfect, LOVE this name! 10/10

    Elizabeth Anne - nice & traditional, elegant, classy, 9/10

    Maya Rose - i prefer Amaya (japanese for night rain) but stil 8/10

    Kyah lee - hmm nothing here I like 1/10

    Crosslynn Jade - Crosslynn? C'mon this isnt even a name! 0/10

    Jade Emerald - I think Emerald Jade, then this one would be 10/10

    Juliette Hayse - Juliette would be amazing with Grace instead 6/10

    Ora Gale - Hmm maybe Orla Gayle? 2/10

    Erikka lindsay - change Erica, and its much better! 7/10

    Monica Carolynne - its ok, a little boring & old sounding 6/10

    Olivia Taylor - Olivia Rose would be prettier, as it is 6/10

    Jesse Reed - I like Jesse, not a fan of Reed 5/10

    Carly Jean - hmm bit bland but ok 6/10

    Taylor Nicole - Nicole is the better name in my opinion 4/10

    Emma louise - 8/10 cute name.

    Hope I helped!! xx

  • 1 decade ago

    You have some very cute names picked out. I am just going to list the ones I really like in order of my favorite if that's okay :)

    Taylor Nicole

    Olivia Taylor

    Emma Louise

    Juliette Hayse

    Lillian Joyce

    Amanda Blake

    Least Favorite:

    Jade Emerald (both precious stones, sounds cheesy)

    Crosslynn Jade

    Jesse Reed

    Erikka Lindsay

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Lola Grace and Maya Rose

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