Do any of the owners of fortune 500 companies own real estate as an investment?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most fortune 500 companies are public companies. This means they are shareholder owned. Most companies (public or private) do not consider land ownership to be a core competency or a core business and many fortune 500 companies do not own real estate as an investment (although they do often own considerable land for their own operations).

    There are some exceptions to this - many paper companies own millions of acres of land to grow trees on. Same with lumber companies. Retail companies often have significant real estate portfolios because of their locations.

    People who own a lot of stock in fortune 500 companies probably also invest in real estate in some manner, whether directly with properties or through REIT (real estate investment trusts).

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    Without knowing any of the personally, I'd have to guess yes. Historically real estate has been one of the safest investments out there. Sure, it experiences ups and downs, but ultimately people who own real estate do better than those who don't.

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    are u kidding, seriously what do you think you would do if you had a 100 million dollars, would you A spend it on cars and stuff you want, B buy your mom a new house, C Stuff it all in your bank account and let it grow, or D buy real estate, and put money in bonds and cds and a high rate savings account, and investments and keep the rest in an account that is liquid for every day expenses. Seriously I want you to think of this one! Its really pretty easy, just to give you an idea what people do with allot of money.

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