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Is anyone else in here from Norway?

I want to get in touch with my family heritage/background. I am in the States now but my family is from Norway.

Anyone else on here? Is there a good online forum to connect with others?


Hey Anna....I am in Maryland.close by! I'll look them up. Thanks.

Update 2:

Nope never got into learning it- I do know a tad bit of Swedish.

I don't know why I never bothered learning-It has taken me a while to really get interested in my background.

I've always loved Europe-and for a long time I didn't even know I was Norweigan. I think I thought I was Irish---but so finally now I am getting more interested in Norway and the people.

Update 3:

Elizabeth-Hey I tried applying for the music type site but what do I put for when the choices are kille or...some other words Is that for your gender? Yeah it would help if I knew the language.

Update 4:

My birthday is Norway's Constitution Day-I just figured that out. So that's very fitting huh!? haha

Update 5:

I guess just people in general.

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    Im from Norway and currently living in DC. What state do you live in? Kan du lese norsk forresten?

    I don't know of any forums but I you should get in touch with the Sons of Norway Organization. There are several scandinavian groups here in DC and you can locate them easily with a google search for whatever state you are in:


    Norwegian-American Organizations in the Washington, D.C. Area

    Are you moving to the Washington, D.C. area and are looking for a Norwegian community? Use this list to get in touch with Norwegian-American organizations in the national capital region.


    Richard Nelson


    Phone: 703-573-0186


    Normann Hammer


    Phone: 301-460-9750


    Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Inc.

    Kirstin Gotthardt

    General Manager

    Phone: 703-847-3062


    Lasse V. Syversen


    Phone: 301 641 7908


    Gro deClerk


    Phone: 703-281-5260

    If you ahve any further questions edit some in and I will try answering them for you.




    Since you live close by and all and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me by mail:

    I am currently teaching one lady with Norwegian ancestry Norwegian as she is going there at the end of May.

    Also please note that the next big event is the celebration of 17 may, which is Norway's national day and there will be some dinners in DC.

    Source(s): Some links for u to look at:
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    I'm from the US but live in Norway with my Scottish boyfriend.

    You'll need decent Norwegian skills to navigate online forums from Norway (do you speak Norwegian?), but there are some international sites that work to find Norwegians in English. Facebook and other social networking sites have members from all over the world. There are a few free sites for finding dates/friends with many Norwegian members, I think is the best of these. I believe Nettby is the largest Norwegian-based networking site: though there are a lot of teenagers on the site (I don't know how old you are). There's a good Swedish site (with many Norwegians on it) targeted towards alternative interests in music/style/etc:

    You could always use Google translate and a Swedish or Norwegian dictionary to get started, then post in English. I did that when I was first learning Swedish, and "met" lots of people that way. I think you'll need to paste the text into the translator, due to the coding of the pages you can't translate the whole site at once.

    Edit: Yes, kille=guy tjej=girl and where you live would be utomlands

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    Norway born and raised, and still live here. We all have internet, so we are everywhere!

    Depends if you want to connect to Norwegian, or Norwegian-Americans. Actually quite different.

  • Anonymous
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    me too. what would you like to know?

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