What legal form do I need to cover my Mother while she has my daughter this summer?

My daughter is going to visit my Mother in a different state for apprx 1 month this summer. I will give her a Power of Atty so she can make medical decisions, etc. The big thing is this. My parents are divorced and my father has disowned me. He has already tried telling my daughter how evil I am and that she needs to be afraid of what I will do with her inheritence from her other grandfather (my daughter is 9).

I want to make sure that my Mother has the authority to keep him away from my daughter. They live in different small towns in the mid-west but I know he will her my daughter is there.

I was told to get a restraining order, but he has done nothing physical.

Any help or ideas? Would a letter suffice?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Once your mother has power of attorney over your daughter there is nothing legally your father can do to her. Your father can say things to your daughter that may hurt her mentally, but this can be brought up as verbal abuse to your daughter. I really feel for you and your daughter even though your father is being an ***. Your father is trying to mentally hurt you because he is in pain himself and wants someone to feel what he feels. But, if your father pursues to mentally be verbal to your daughter, you can obtain a restraining order for verbally assaulting to your daughter. To get a restraining order does not always mean he has to be threatening her but verbal abuse is just as bad.

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    If you cannot trust your Mother to keep him away from your Daughter, don't send her.

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