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Why are there chinese troops in mexico.?

I went to mexico and in ensenada many mexican people were talking about seeing them. I never saw them but other people from our ship saw them.

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    The Silent Invasion

    By Scott Gulbransen

    Counting Coup Press, Inc.

    In November 1998, while traveling through Texas, I heard some disturbing rumors. People were supposedly seeing Chinese soldiers in the Mexican desert. At least one Texan decided to go down and look for himself. He didn't make it back alive. Then came a curious story, forwarded to me by the editor of a national publication. A woman in Texas reported that her relatives had warned against returning to the family's ranch in Mexico. Foreign soldiers were said to be there. It wouldn't be safe coming in contact with them. When she traveled to Mexico and met with her relatives the woman learned that the strangers were Asians who were preparing to attack the United States.

    Scott Gulbransen is a writer who went to Mexico and talked with people about Chinese troops. He collected stories from border patrol officers, from Mexican policemen, fishermen and others. The testimony he gathered suggests that a military supply operation is underway in Mexico. Here are the main points:

    (1) China is pumping arms, ammunition, men and uniforms into Baja California through the port of Ensanada. "The fishermen of Ensanada know something is going on," says Gulbransen. "They've seen it with their own eyes. But no one listens to poor fishermen. They're dirty drunks who smell like the fish they catch. They might be the first to witness the Chinese move on the United States but no one will listen."

    (2) Communist bloc troops are in Mexico. There are small military encampments in the Mexican desert where troops from various communist countries are based. Judging by the rifle ammunition used, these are highly trained special troops from Cuba, North Korea, China and possibly Russia. They appear to operate in mixed groups (ethnically combined). According to witnesses, Mexican officials receive cash bribes for helping to maintain and conceal these troops. Anyone who threatens to expose the operation faces death.

    (3) Chinese military supplies are being smuggled into the United States. According to border patrol officers, U.S. officials are allowing trucks from Mexico carrying Chinese ammunition to pass the border without question. This only makes sense if officials responsible for the border are in the pay of Red China. Border patrol officers who've tried to blow the whistle have been frightened into silence. One officer died in a suspicious car accident after telling Gulbransen that she feared for her life. At one border crossing alone, 30 to 40 trucks loaded with Chinese military supplies were entering the United States per day. It would appear that the Chinese are setting up ammunition dumps for troops or insurgents throughout the Southwest.

    (4) Communist guerrillas in Mexico expect that the United States will soon be brought to its knees. "I am the leader of the La Conquidistas," a Mexican guerrilla told Gulbransen. The plan is to take Mexico from the "imperialist pigs of the U.S. that hold the Mexican people in poverty." The guerrilla chief added that "Fidel Castro is the only brave man to stand up to you." When Gulbransen suggested the Conquidistas needed more than AK-47s to fight the United States, the chief explained that the Mexican people are resourceful. And besides this, Mexico has "friends throughout the world who would help us." As Gulbransen was leaving the secret meeting place, the guerrilla boss said: "You tell the fat Americans about the real Mexico. You tell them their day to pay is coming fast. Coming very fast."

    Source(s): this is a article i read yesterday
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      Obviously, they're there for the beached.
      But seriously, this site is further evidence that when they closed many of our mental hospitals, they took the patients and gave them computers with websites.

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    Chinese Troops In Mexico

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Why are there chinese troops in mexico.?

    I went to mexico and in ensenada many mexican people were talking about seeing them. I never saw them but other people from our ship saw them.

    Source(s): chinese troops mexico:
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    Tired of Chinese food, want to try Mexican. Maybe, in future, Chinese-Mex restaurants.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    It would be pretty hard for people to miss 10,000 armored vehicles...

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    This is bugging me as well

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    they come to make us food... when you go to D.F. there is a good restaurant in east Hipódromo around Alvaro Obregón.

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