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Will the Pittsburgh Pirates be good this year?

the pirates are already out to a fast 9-6 start. will they be good this year. good enough to win their division? or will the cardinals win that division. I hope they make the playoffs.

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    Good to see some Pirates hopefuls out there. I am a White Sox fan, but my brother likes the Pirates, so I do pay attention to them.

    Right now, it's too early to tell. I am not one of those folks that rules a team out of the playoffs. Every team has a chance.

    If the starting pitching continues to perform well, I can see the Pirates do much better than the past 16 years. But they still have a long season to go, and I predict the Cubs, Cardinals, Astros, and Brewers to finish ahead of the Pirates.

    But don't stop believin'!

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    If the pirates keep playing there game of baseball they will def win there division but they will have to beat some good teams like the cubs, cardinals and some various other teams but they do have a great chance of winning there division!

  • lopato
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    The Pirates may win 75-80 in the experience that they get all their gamers to artwork at the same time and use the opportunities they were given from the pink Sox, and Dodgers, and that i comprehend for a undeniable actuality that Brandon Moss is a impressive hitter, on the grounds that i'm a Redsox fan I appreciate the Pirates for the gamers that got here from their, specifically Bay, Nady, and McClouth( sorry if i'm getting his call incorrect)...You Pittsburg followers have a shot in being aggressive in ur branch if the crew can pull a miracle of their pen and rotation...

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    There is absolutley no chance that the Pirates will make the playoffs. They've gotten lucky and there's a lot of games to play. They are the worst team in the MLB and will soon fall back.

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    Well... they can't get much worse. They are looking pretty good this year, which is a surprise, I think they will go to the playoffs, but not win their division, the management is just horrible.

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    The Cubs and Cardinals are better teams, and my Astros like to make a late-summer push, but the Bucs look good this year. If their young pitching holds up, they'll be around in the end. If their pitching falls off like I suspect, they'll be fighting with the Brewers for last in the Central.

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    Well They are off to a Great start but they have to be Strong throughout the season to make the Playoffs I will say they'll compete but not actually make the Playoffs.

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    They have a chance but that division would be competitive to the end

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    i just hope they dont play good against the padres in the series that starts on friday

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