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Why do people support Israel so feverishly?

I really think our government's support of Israel (through administrations of both parties) is the only reason average people who don't really understand the history or politics of the middle east support Israel's domination there.

A Jewish state, created after the holocaust, has flourished. A prosperous nation. Is it not funny that those Jews and their ancestors who suffered so much are crowding millions of people into tiny land plots and helping them starve. Does anyone not see this?


rambo1: thanks, I forgot about religious fanaticism. That's another big reason people support Israel.

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    Israel is God's chosen people.

    God gave Israel the Promised Land.

    After WWII the UN helped Israel set up the current day Jewish State of Israel.

    When first set up Israel offered the Palestinians peacefull co-existance.

    Soon after the Palestinians started terroristic activities against the Israeli Government over Bibical Era disputes.

    Israel should be left alone to settle any problems with the Palestinians unless there is a threat to the existance of Israel.

    In that case the United States must support Israel.

    You don't want to be fighting Israel on the last day.

    Semper Fi

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    Yeah, it's too bad that it has to be this way, but I'd really prefer our country stays on their good side. And really, I don't think this has anything do with "average people who don't really understand the history or politics of the middle east". Nobody necessarily supports their behavior and I think to be fair, the US has done the most to suppress the hell they would unleash, given free reign. They're nuts, man, and all of those people would be dead and buried if it weren't for the "support" of all of these "average people who don't really understand the history or politics of the middle east". Our involvement is entirely necessary at this point.

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    the majority of the people in the western world do not support Israel, however its different with their government, the government has to act both slyly and accordingly.

    when declaring support for a country it has to really assess the benefits and the damage it can cause.

    the government supports isreal becasue its zoinists pulling their strings. as for the people who support isreal, well they are the ones that dont know the history, someone who knows that regoins history would know that the conflict did not start over hamas attacking them. hamas started to attack them AFTER isreal claimed they are gods chosen people and their god promised them the land and therefore have the right to kick the palestinians out.

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    I Support Palestine 100%

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  • Phil M
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    Religious reasons and guilt from WW2.

    as for "hamas ran for years and years"

    Hamas took over in 2006 dude. Fatah was the ruling party and they weren't carrying out the same sort of attacks that Hamas is. Arafat was apart of the PLO, not hamas either.

    Damn, some of you get your facts mixed up way too often.

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    I generally have nothing at all against the Good people of Israel . But I certainly did not like how their government treated Palestine and their government acted on Gaza .

    Source(s): Older Christian Democrat
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    I see a Hamas Terrorist run government in Palestine that years and years of liberal "peace" talks have FAILED, a better question would be why do Democrats support Hamas?

    Jimmy Carter LOVES Hamas, Bubba Clinton french kissed Arafat while his henchmen Hamas MURDERED innocent people in Israel, did I leave out the FACT that Israel is OUR allie?

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    Why are any of those "countries" supported? We should say you want to blow each other up and act like backwards hillbillies bombing each other every other day over retarded shiz? Then live in sand caves and eat rats for another few thousand years. -I don't care what they do I just DO NOT want to pay for it!

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    its only in america both parties but jewish people have so much power all the media giants are jewish owned they have to much power

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    their preachers tell them to

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