What is your opinion of the current standard of Nursing within the National Health Service?

The reason I ask is that my Wife has been in our local Hospital for the last two weeks, and obviously I have spent a lot of time visiting where I have had the opportunity to see the Nursing Staff at work.

I have my own views, but what are yours? Thanks.


Cool Hal- very kind of you.

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Meganjes & Cherries xxx

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Gloria- strange, it's Pontefract she's in!

None of the TDs from me (well, apart from one!)

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TigerLily- I'm sorry, wtf has "race" got to do with it- a Nurse is a Nurse even if she comes from Mars!

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Linzi- sorry! Ta! x

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I actually stayed at Pontefract for 3 1/2 weeks, and the standard of Nursing was better than excellent. However, during that stay I was transferred to Wakefield for 3 nights, and the standard was way below PGI. The same is now happening to my Wife, as I would rather pay private than have her sent those 10 miles. How can this happen- all I can see is the individual Hospital Management!

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I actually stayed at Pontefract for 3 1/2 weeks, and the standard of Nursing was better than excellent. However, during that stay I was transferred to Wakefield for 3 nights, and the standard was way below PGI. The same is now happening to my Wife, as I would rather pay private than have her sent those 10 miles. How can this happen within the same Health Authority- all I can see is the individual Hospital Management are to blame! I think Nurses are wonderful, and could be true Angels if they were allowed to do their "true" Jobs. Oh, and the Auxillaries are wonderful too!

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    1 decade ago
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    I agree wholeheartedly with Cool Hal. They do a fantastic job in circumstances that can be demoralising.

    I spent Xmas and New Year on a high dependency unit and a more general ward.

    On both wards it was the nurses who motivated me to stay alive and literally kept me breathing - even when, out of my head on drugs, pain, fear and lack of Oxygen I was being "difficult".

    Despite that all the ward staff were never less than professional. Even in my worst moments I could sense them willing me to breath and live.

    While the NHS has problems, not least managements whose idea of efficiency is to cut staffing levels and budgets, the vast majority of nurses and NHS staff are genuinely caring people whose good will has been exploited by self-serving managements over the years.

    I hope your wife receives the quality of care I did and is home and well with you soon.

  • Angela
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    4 years ago

    It's not the US having a go at the NHS it's the extreme right Republicans who hate the NHS. Why? Probably because they own shares in all the hospitals and drug manufacturing etc. Last thing Republicans in US want is for the people to have free access to general health-care. What the Right in America seems entirely not to understand is that the people of the USA not only voted for a Democrat President, Obama, they also put into the Congress a lot of Democrats - nearly all of whom support the Obama cause of creating a 'modern' health-care for the American people. The NHS is constantly under attack by extreme right wing Republicans in the USA - they think 'socialism' is the same thing as Communism, but it ain't. Let's put it like this. In 1945 my mum and dad voted for a Labour government in the first General election here in UK after WW2. Why? Because they wanted a National Health Service and a Welfare State. Were my parents 'communists'? No, they were Welsh Methodists and Liberals. How many Americans I wonder believe that Sweden is a communist state? It has a much bigger and better organised welfare state than does the UK - including a much better health-care system. It's called The Nordic Model - maybe Americans should read up on that instead of shouting their heads off at each other at town hall shouting matches. Americans are free to voice their opinions on any subject they like. They really should know better than to slag off the NHS about which they know damn all. Americans will get better welfare and better health-care thanks to Obama - get used to it and all those greedy capitalist Republicans had better watch out, because if they continue on down their road, they might find themselves cast out into the wilderness for an entire generation. It could easily happen. I'm all too aware that a lot of 'right wing' Christian Republicans voted for the Democrats - why? Just go back to what happened in New Orleans and how the Right Wing Bush Administration did nothing, while black Americans were abandoned to their fate. Christians of the right saw this and have now spoken. Republicans of America, wake up, you have nothing to gain and everything to lose by shouting off at the British National Health Service, the envy of the world.

  • Siân
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    1 decade ago

    As an NHS staff nurse myself, I would say the level of standard compares to what the government and NHS managers let us have. I work in A&E, and the government have given us very strict targets that says no patient should be in the department for more than 4 hours, which benefits those who complain about waiting times, but also angers people who feel they are being put on a conveyor belt. They feel because we don't have the time to sit and chat with them that we don't care, but it's impossible with everything else going on.

    On the wards I've noticed that the amount of paperwork the nurses have to plough through is way too high, and there are staff shortages which are dangerous at times. Hiring agency staff is frowned upon, so if there is staff sickness then the other nurses on duty just have to cope. I had to spend a day and night on a ward once with a broken ankle, and noticed that other patients around me would wait a long time before they bell was answered, which must be a nightmare if you are elderly and busting for the toilet!

    I think nurses do the best job they can with limited funds and the huge demand on services. I feel personally very privileged to work alongside these people.

  • 1 decade ago

    I live in the Wakefield area, and I have had Family and Friends who have stayed at 2 of the local Hospitals, namely Pontefract General Infirmary and Pinderfields. At PGI there seems, at Ward level at least, to be more control drive from the Senior Nursing Staff themselves- Staff,Sister and Matron-, with care and attention to detail inducted into the "Front Line Staff" until they all seem to be working marvellously in unison. They are very friendly to Patients and Visitors, and it gives off the aura of a "happy place".

    Pinderfields is the exact opposite, and I wouldn't send your 5th Cousin, 4 times removed's Rat there, as it would come out more poorly than it went in. The lack of leadership portrays apathy.

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  • Linz
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    1 decade ago

    I am a second year student nurse. The reason I went into nursing was because I wanted to make a positive difference in people's lives and to try and help them through a hard time.Also the nurses that cared for my gran throughout her few cancer battles inspired me to do the same for other people. There are hardly any nurses out there who are in nursing for a different reason. I have never seen anything but the highest quality of care in all of the clinical areas I have worked in. The nurses do a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. I myself have been assaulted by a male relative of an elderly lady over a minor detail of her discharge. We have a hard job, some people don't understand the kinds of things we go through at work. Best wishes to you and your wife.

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    1 decade ago

    The last time I was in hospital was 2004, but the standards of the nursing staff were very high. I was for 3 days in August 04 and then another 3 days in December 04, after an operation. One of the nurses was on both times and actually remember who I was and what my name was, which shows how good she was at putting people at ease.

    I hope you wife gets well soon and I hope she is being well looked after. And remember the magazines and puzzle books at visiting times - there is nothing more boring than being in hospital!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I just wish nurses had more time to spend on actual patient care rather than form filling and running around trying to meet government targets. I also wish the NHS would stop cutting nursing staff so that those left have to do the work of 2 or 3 people.

    I think most nurses do their best, the NHS is a very difficult environment to work in.

    Source(s): Trying to be unbiased ;)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My 18 month old son was in hospital recently with asthma problems - the nurses were kind, hard working, friendly - everything you'd want them to be. The ward was clean, the doctors and nurses prompt as they could be as they were very understaffed.

    However, at the same hospital my Grandfather spent some time in a different ward and he had dementia which could cause violent outbursts - they were useless with him and didn't know how to handle him. They need more nurses - more specialist nurses urgently.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some nurses are brilliant and really do care to others it's just the job and they couldn't care less. I noticed on a 10 day stay in hospital last year how many of them are walking round with bits of paper doing absolutely nothing except trying to look busy. I think the whole nursing profession needs a shakeup and go back to basics, many of them think they're more important than they are! The ones that really do the work are the auxiliaries, some of the trained staff seem to think its below then to wash someone's ****

  • 1 decade ago

    I think they do a tremendous job often in the most trying of circumstances.

    I used to go out with a nurse and some of the pressure she was subjected to by management who needed to constantly cut costs and save money and the patients who wanted to be treated was untrue.

    She once told me of a bad day when she came out of a management meeting about slashing budgets and cutting overtime and within 5 minutes she had been spat at in the face by some low life who demanded to be treated there and then.

    I have the utmost of respect for the nurses - it is the NHS that needs sorting.

    Anyway I hope your wife is making a good recovery.

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