What's the funniest name you've ever heard?


We had a girl at school named Theresa Green.

I also know someone named Kum Sun

Update 2:

ooh another one, I know it's a traditional Macedonian name but I have to laugh every time I see the name ****. (I think it's pronounced Arts-ay).

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    Well, I'm not sure how funny these are, but I think they're pretty crazy... I actually made a list of all of the weird names of people that I know. I would never want to forget these! ;)

    My sister did cross country with girls named Blakeney (blake-knee) and Kamical (kuh-MEE-cuhl)

    My Biology teacher is named Brecia (BREE-shuh). She also has a brother-in-law named Index and daughters named Brice and Owen.

    One of my best friends, Savannah, has sisters named Charli, Stormy, and Punky. And brothers named Scooter, Scooner, Tracer, Racer, and Chaser....crazy, right?

    My cousin has a friend named Hmellisa Mlo. Her last name is Mlo...which pretty much sounds like "slow" with an M instead of an S. Hmellisa is pronounced exactly the same as Melissa... I always laugh when I see that one. :)

    My other cousin seriously goes to school with a girl named Ima Lima Bean. Her middle name is Lima...isn't that harsh?

    I babysit twins named Zacgary and Kaytln. No typo's there, there is seriously no vowel in between the L and N in Kaytln... But everyone always just assumes that it was written down wrong, and spells it "Katlyn", which she really hates.

    I know girls named Mykal (Michael), Johnny, Perry, Warren, and Rikki... I also know a girl named Billy, and her brother's name is Stacy...

    I also know a little girl named Suede...

    I go to school with people named (and MANY of these are great friends of mine) Cyndel (rhymes with spindle), Dartelle, Devri, Emjaye, Hootie, MaKalyn, Metney (her sister's name is Mitney), Rockelle, Romney, Sergio, and Swayne (he goes by his middle name, Matthew).

    My Speech teacher has kids named Cheyan (like Cheyenne), Cougar, and Conlin.

    Two have my friends have mothers named Zina (ZY-nuh) and Zelda. But Zelda goes by her middle name, LaRell.

    My U.S. History teacher has a brother named Tink.

    I met a man that legally changed is name to Pro-life. Isn't that crazy?

    The Cheerleading coach is named Merlynne (mer-LIN)

    I also know a lady named Cricket. I've babysat her kids a couple of times.

    I don't know how "funny" they are, but they're definitely crazy!

    -- Amy

    Edit -- I've heard of Ben Dover and Eileen Dover... we always joke that they should have a son and name him Neil. Even though "kneeled over" wouldn't be correct grammar...it should be knelt over, but it would still be funny.

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    I once saw an item in the newspaper about the the birth of a child named Peter Rabbit III. Just think, there were two more before him.

    .What are they thinking!?

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    Wayne King

    Drew Peacock


  • A little girl at a nursery I used to work for was called Klamediya (pronounced the same way as chlamydia), poor kid, she's going to be ripped to pieces when shes older!

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  • Uhrines Kendall Icy Eight Special K. If you google the name it will bring up this poor babies birth announcement!

    Also my mom worked for a teacher education program at a local university and had an Asian applicant by the name Fuch Yue. He went by Ted, as not to offend anyone. I kid you not.

    Source(s): Wife of my handsome Army Vet and Mommy of two gorgeous little girls, and two angel babies.
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    Richard Cox aka Dick Cox and Du Win pronounced you win.

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    I know a girl named Desiree Cox.

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    Girl--spelled Pajama, pronounced PA-juh-muh.

    I wish I was kidding.

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    Our Mayor was name Harry Balls..no joke

    Source(s): me
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    I kid you not... Eyekentina Turner. I so wish I was kidding, but some people should NOT be allowed to name kids, LOL! A close second for me would be Jermaine Jackson's daughter Jermajesty. Really.

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