Should Ben Zobrist be the primary RF for the Tampa Bay Rays?

I think Zobrist needs to get more playing time somehow. Gabe Gross and Gabe Kapler are not getting the job done right now. Zobrist has good speed, good power, and is solid defensively. My recommendation is for him to play RF most of the time and then he still backup Jason Bartlett when Bartlett needs a day off. What do you guys think?


Other than answering just "no", give me a reason why you don't think that is a good idea... Talk about boring answers!

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    He stacks up well in every department except for power....but he could play the position on occasion.

    I think there would be an issue taking Gabe Gross's bat out of the lineup. True he's not hitting now, but he should be ok for 15-20 HR's..that's what he's there for.

    But your point is really to keep Zobrist in the lineup because he's hot just now. I would prefer to see that over 1-2 months..he is also suitable for utility starts in the infield

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    Anything that will give the Red Sox a chance to take their rightful place in first in the AL East is great by me. With a name like Zobrist he should get to play more anyway.

    Source(s): Red Sox fan since the 1960's. Blue Jays who? Lol
  • No. True, Zobrist is hitting well, but traditionally he's not going to hit .300 and put up great numbers. No, I like Gabe and Gabe just fine.

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