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What do other states think of Arkansas?

I have lived in Arkansas all of my life and I have always wondered how other states perceive us. It truly is a beautiful state.

I would especially like to know how more northern states feel about Arkansas.

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    I've lived all over - the southwest for high school. Lived everywhere from San Francisco to West Virginia to Texas.

    We vacation often, and often go out of the country, but recently decided to go to Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was beautiful and the town was lovely. The spas were wonderful. I have a good feeling about Arkansas because of the experience - people were friendly and the state has had a tourism campaign similar to other states that tout summer getaways. The recent news about people finding big diamonds in the diamond mine park there make me think about going back and spending a few days and digging around to look for some myself!

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    Stereotypically probably boring and filled with hicks, but i like it way better than any northern state with liberal nutjobs trying to control everything.

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    Probably think it's boring. Never been there and haven't heard much about it.

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