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我隻game叫super aircraft , 呢一隻係射擊遊戲 .


玩家1係使用mouse 去控制戰機移動及使用特別子彈 , 而玩家2則是用鍵盤去控制.

當一進入遊戲,玩家們需盡量控制自己的戰機 , 防止與敵機相撞 , 直至距離達到0以及打贏boss後方可過關.


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    My game is called “Super aircraft” which is a shooting. You can choose one or two players to play it simultaneously. Player one uses the mouse to control the movement of aircraft and use special bullets, player two uses the keyboard to control. When the player gets into the game, he/she should try the best to prevent their own aircrafts to crash with the enemy aircrafts. One will win the game when the distance reaches zero and beat the boss. Player can use one bonus in the game, different bonuses have different shells to play with. After using the bonus, the player can press the special button to shoot the shells.

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    I only game called super aircraft, then a line shooting game. Line game only to face it, you can choose a player or two-player game at the same time. 1 Department of players use the mouse to control the aircraft movement and the use of special ammunition, and two players to control with the keyboard

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    My game is super aircraft, which is a shooting game. You can choose one player or two players for the same game. Player one uses the mouse to control fighter movements and use special bombs,and player two uses the keyboard to control..Once

    enters the game, players try to control their fighter to avoid plane crash,until it reaches 0 a short distance and win the back side of boss.

    Players can have bonus in the game, different bonus refers to different bombs, players can eat bonus and [ress special button to launch a bomb.

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