急~請幫忙翻譯英文簡要自傳 中翻英


在漫長的職業生涯,不求自己現在的表現就達到百分百,因為如此才能有更進一步的學習與成長空間,但對於每份工作,期望自己在可以努力完成被付予的使命與任務;也努力朝著專業的目標前進,並且對公司有更多的貢獻。 希望貴公司可以給我這個寶貴的機會,讓我進入貴公司服務。

拜託 英文高手幫忙翻一下 或是修改

只需要簡要的內容就好了 面試要用的


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    , My name is XXX, 23-year-old, graduated from the Northern Taiwan Institute of Science and Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering, personal characteristics of a careful, patient and good at communication and co-ordination, good learning ability, with AutoCAD, PhotoImpact, FrongPage, Word computer skills.

    In a long career and does not seek its own now reached full performance, because in order to further learning and growth, but each piece of work, can expect their efforts to be paid to the completion of the mission and mandate; also working towards the goal of professional advancement, as well as more contributions to the company. I hope you can give me this valuable opportunity for me to enter your company.

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