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今天的簡報,共分為4個主題。首先,先讓各位認識我們。再介紹我們能夠為您做什麼? 我們如何服務您?最後則是總結。 接下來,讓我們來認識我們

我們從70年代開始印製股票,到現在成為防偽及安全控管的領導廠商,一路走來,我們只有一個主軸,就是安全 我們相信,只有專注,才能累積知識經驗,才會了解市場,才能稱為專業。







我們根據市場,將所提供的服務分成四大項目--商品防護,銷售防護,售後防護與內控防護 接下來我們將向各位說明這四大項目

商品防護商品防護包含了 品牌,授權,認證品牌的含意我想大家都已了解,這裡就不多做解釋,至於授權:例如:我們曾幫○○製作授權標章,用來確保下游廠商不會私自生產販售。認證則可分為很多種,像是:我們幫○○協會製作認證標章,可方便民眾分辨有機產品。

銷售防護方面,則包含了 “銷售”、“代理” 與 “物流” 的控管機制,像是我們可以有效的控管多層次的銷售通路,減低水貨擾亂市場價格的影響,或是確定物流業者,有依造您的要求來運送貨品。

售後防護的範疇,包含了 “退貨”,“防拆”以及 “維修”。像是我們預防顧客進真貨退假貨,確認客戶有無違反約定自行拆開機器,還有送修的商品是否因為顧客不當使用而損壞。像是手機如果泡水,殼內的標籤就會變色提示。

我們提供的服務,不只可以用在產品及外在市場,我們對於企業內部的控管,也能夠提供很大的協助。因此『保密』、『內控』 、 『稽核』就是內控防護最重要的三個重點。例如:機密物品、文件在傳遞或保管時,可以保護其不被拷貝、外流。又避免重要關係人的印章及簽名,被盜印或偽造,還可確保公司列管的廢棄物,有依合約規定,妥善處裡。



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    這翻譯太長 我分成兩段

    Todays bulletin, altogether divides into 4 subjects. First, lets each position know us first. Introduced again what we can make for you? How do we serve you? Finally is summarizes. Then, lets us know that our we started from the 70s to print the stock, becomes forgery-proof and the safe control leadership manufacturer to the present, a group walked, we only then a main axle, was safe we to believe that only then dedicated, could accumulate the knowledge experience, only will then understand the market, could be called the specialty. At present our foothold and the scale are also only small and medium-sized enterprises, but we are very clear, if is unable for the customer to bring the help, strives for to everybody's approval, we do not have the means to grow up. We can have this point achievement today. Is many customer supports. Withstands these to entrust with trusts, we only feel grateful usefully the heart, strives for perfection unceasingly, by time repayment customer faith. for 20 years, surpass 1,000,000,000 valuable cards , do not have a outflow, surpass 30,000 customers, do not have a lawsuit, we have a point to be arrogant, but we understood, only has the abstention cautiously frightened, can continue the glory. We understand oneself profession the characteristic, therefore we concentrate well-mannered the technology and the service. Such procedure, in the mainland, let us suffer many hardships especially, but we still insisted chose the road we were certainly not perfect, otherwise we do not need that laboriously to make the bulletin in here, the core technologies had the world-class level, but in quality, management, goodwill aspect, but also has the very big progressive space.

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