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ex added me bak on facebook!?

i deleted my ex on facebook 2 months ago so i would not have to see anything he does/his new gf stuff.

we havent talked for a month, yet hes very mean to me. but tonight he sent a friend request

it is so random and out of the blue i dont know what to do? should i accept..? (im not 1000% over him yet)

PS i dont want to see all his lovey stuff with his new gf

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    you're probably going to end up creeping his profile.

    humans have a sadistic nature sometimes, we know we shouldn't but we do can be mature and add him, but if it's going to bother you, then don't. it's not like you owe him anything.

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    In all honesty I would say no, I know its hard to but don't do it. I actually just got up the nerve today to delete my ex, we have been broken up for 6 years and we were still friends but it was causing issues with my boyfriend I have now. Its harder to delete them later when a boyfriend has a issue then it is to just not add them. Not to mention one of the reasons I deleted him was that I just found out he is engaged and had a kid. Talk about heart break. Good thing i am in a promising relationship, can't imagine what that would have done if I was single. So just let it go and don't add him.

  • Brenda
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    4 years ago

    If it didn't work before it is not likely to work again, trust me, I've been there. Get some professional counseling to help you move on with your life. You deserve someone that will be there for you and with you only. Consider that he really is with someone else and has used you for sex. Is that really the kind of person you can see yourself building a life with? I honestly believe that you are so caught up in needing to be loved that you are confusing that with loving this person. Try to gain some objectivity. Good luck.

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    I think you should accept him, go for it but at the same time keep posting new pictures and especially of the times when you are having fun: without him, if you are not over him nobody tells you to look at his page or pictures but I think that you need to show you are stronger than him and maybe he is the one who is in for the treat :) you never know what is on their mind....boys!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Delete facebook till you are ready to accept seeing pictures of him and his new gf

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    Don't add him back till you think you would be able to see stuff about him and a new girl.

    if you add him back that is gonna give him the pleasure of thinkin you still want him. regardless of if you do or not. its none of his business whats going on in your life if yall are broken up. and chances are thats why he is adding you back to see whats going on your world. let him be curious. and see how it feels to have someone be mean to him! you dont want any contact with him at all!


  • Anonymous
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    His just being nice so i think you should accept him. if you dont wanna see all those lovey dovey stuff of him and his new gf then dont clik on his page

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    If you dont want to see his lovey stuff dont add him.

    But personally, I would add him. Life is too short is shut people out.

  • Steve
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    Don't! Your happiness is more important than being polite. Ignore it. If he asks why just say you are trying to avoid facebook for a while - be vague.

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    same thing happend with my ex...turned out he went on to look at my pictures and look at my profile then would just delete me 15 minutes later...

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