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Chihuahua!! HELP PLEASE!?

o.k! i just got a new chihuahua. i need to get his shot, microchip... and etc. Now my friend mentioned a clinic or service that offers all of my puppies health necessities for fifty $$'s. called scape! SCAPE! i can't find it anywhere. i live in stanislaus county and it would be a huge help if you could help me get their # or website any information would be useful..:)

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    It's not a clinic that offers 'health necessities', your friend is mistaken. It is called SCATE and is Stanislaus County's Spay/Neuter voucher program. You buy a $50 certificate, take it to a participating vet, and they spay or neuter your dog. It's a great deal, but it does NOT cover microchipping, shots, etc. It is only the altering. Also, the shelter has them available subject to budgetary constraints, so they are not always available for purchase.

    Add: Also appears they have raised their prices and changed the program a bit since I lived there a year ago- they are now $140, or $70 with proof of low income, and does include rabies and a microchip now. However, still does not cover other necessary vaccines.

    Source(s): Used to live in Modesto, familiar with the SCATE program
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    Follow this link, Call the number in the morning and schedule Fido for a visit:

    Stanislaus County Animal Shelter

    2846 Finch Road

    modesto, California 95354

    Phone: 209-524-0669

    Now you can chill.

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    I have no clue, I would suggest calling your friend and make sure you got the right name, ask her for the phone number or address.

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    type in the name

    That should be the website..

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    Are you sure they didn't mean SPCA?

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    how about you ask your friend ! lol

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