how should i act if my boyfriend of 2 years didnt get anything for my birthday?

today (april 22) was my birthday and my boyfriend had been asking me so much what i want... honestly ive been going out with him so long that it should be obv. what i like and what i dont like. so he didnt get me anything!!! im kinda used to him not getting me anything. this valentines day was the first time he gave me a flower.. (yes i said one flower). it was a single rose, which dont get me wrong is amazing but come on. im not picking, and im so easy to please. hes very tight on money and im fine with that... but a card would do. a hand made card would be fine! and i didnt get to see him all day either. idk how i should act toward him. im so easy going that i let so much blow over me. any ideas on how i should act towadrs him now?? or if i should say anything to him? PLEASE HELP!

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    Hi Kate,

    You know what, I've been going out with my boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) for 4 years. In those 4 years, he has NEVER once asked me what I wanted for my birthday, never asked me what I wanted for valentines day, never asked me if i even wanted to go to senior prom. YES! it is quite obvious they should know what we want and they do know...but from my experience, my ex dumped me because after 4 years he told me he didn't love me like how I loved him...he's not attracted to me anymore etc. Every man out there is capable of sweeping a woman off her feet and if your man is not doing that?...he's not into you. Trust me here. My ex told me he was fully capable of being romantic and getting his gf's things and all but he also told me that when guys don't do much for there gf' means there not "feeling" them like how we feel them. I know it hurts but now I've moved on from him and now I'm in a healthy relationship where my guy treats me like a QUEEN. does everything that I want, brings me whatever I want and put a smile on my face everyday AND gets me a card for valentines day. My ex never got me a card either...I was the one getting him everyday and letting him off easily...and my love for him...he took advantage of that =( Basically, you shoudl talk to him about this, see his reaction..if he shows concern and care and chages his ways than he does care for you and love you and is willing to make things work...BUT, if he is casual about "whats the big deal" kind of it's just a gift...than dump him.

    Remember, guys are at there BEST behavior when dating.

    goodluck <3

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    First of all, guys don't think. If he is young, under 35 he doesn't really have any concerns other than his. This is usually the rule. If he calls/sees you, you should answer or see him if YOU aren't busy. You can still love and care about him, but you obviously don't like this sort of behavior, so why would you put up with it? You wouldn't want your daughter to date someone like this, would you? You would tell her to forget about him and go out with friends, a bunch of friends or meet up with them. You might have stayed home all day/night too, just waiting for his phone call or email, but now that he has not called or emailed you, you are probably upset/mad at him. You still need to go out and do something with people who care about you or who want to have fun. Good luck!

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    Are you sure he even cares about you? I've been dating my fiance for 3 years now, and he always gets me something on my birthday. Even if he couldn't afford a present he would at least cook me dinner or make me a cake, even when I tell him not to. You need to seriously talk to this guy and find out whats going on. Your birthday is a special day and if he thinks your special then he should celebrate with you. Don't let anyone let you think you aren't good enough, you deserve these things! You need to tell him to step up, or find someone that appreciates you more. Don't let him trample your feelings

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    You said it yourself... he's a tightwad... not just tight with money but with his attention as well.

    I'm betting he's only happy to be with you as long as you are user-friendly.

    Next time you two get together, be cheerful and mention your birthday again and ask him if he intends to take you shopping for your gift. Go to a mall, lead him into your favorite jewelry boutique and see what he does... and whatever he does... THERE'S YOUR SIGN.

    If he won't buy you a pretty little knickknack you need to reconsider your future with him. It won't improve.

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    Buy yourself a small gift and tell him he owes you the money for it since he forgot your birthday. This year will be the second birthday since I am with the one I love... but how does he top my first birthday gift, a marriage license? Better yet how do I top his first birthday gift, we got married on his birthday. We have to July to figure out gifts.

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    ouch! wat an a$$ hole! um i say talk to him cuz i totally agree with u. he shouldve at least made u a damn card! my birthday was the 19th and my boyfriend didnt hav any money to get me a present either but he made me breakfast in bed and spent the whole day with me, i didnt need a present. and it was the best! i cant believe he didnt even c u at all.

    i say get rid of him personally.

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    You have been with him for 2 years. What did you expect? Think about it....

    Either get over it. Or dump him!... Good Luck!

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    He might just be worried about what you want. Or maybe, he's got a huge surprise in store for you and it just takes a little while for him to get it to you. Maybe he's giving you the moon or something. Haha

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    i wouldnt get mad approximately it. i be conscious of many females might yet idk i only wouldnt. its not that everyday of a deal to me. as long because of the fact the guy treats me remarkable im stable. now if he improve into determining to purchase different issues then identity refer to him approximately it. yet in any different case i might only permit it bypass. my guy pals all say they only dont incredibly plan forward or think of approximately issues like this. it only slips their strategies.

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