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Coastal Scents Makeup?

Is Coastal Scents makeup good? I want to try the 88 palette but I want to opinions on it. I want to get the matte (not shimmer). I wear allot of natural makeup, and I know this is allot of color. But I want to incorporate some light colors into my makeup. I'm also thinking about getting the 24 palette (the browns)

Reviews? Comments?

Is it worth it?

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    First thing before i start is that don't listen to the person above me that just commented, all of these answers are just opinions of ours and so don't think it's bad just because one person thinks so!

    So my coastal scent 88 palette (matte) arrived a week ago and after doing a lot of digging like researching and everything i ordered it and i love it, do you know why? the reason is because the eyeshadows are super pigmented, this palette is a great palette for beginners as well as makeup artist because it comes with so many different colors. Yes you can say that you wont use all the colors they’ve got but what’s wrong with having all those colors? If you want to play it up, the look I mean, then you can definitely use the colors they have. Also I need you to consider how good the cost is, you get 88 shadows which are VERY good quality (you can also check for more reviews of the palette and also you can go to makeupalley and it tells you all kinds of insights or different views as well as youtube they are great resource if your not sure!) anyways as I was saying you get 88 shadows for 21.95, think about it if you get MAC one shadow is already 14 dollars, you do the math.

    However if you’re the kind of person that loves the neutral look then get the neutral palette because it comes with 25 different colors in all range of neutral colors that you can pull off. If you want a nudish brown like they’ve got it! If you want a brownish neutral look they’ve got it! So I highly recommend you to get the neutral palette if you like the neutral aspect of it. They are 21.95 as well.

    Also if you think they are expensive (which they aren’t) then you can get the palettes on ebay, just type in the search box as 88 palette and the 88 palette (matte) or the shimmer one or the blush, netural etc will all be in ebay. These are exactly the same ones as ebay , everthing I compare what they’ve made of, the materials and everything the same but only difference is the cost. The cost is a fraction of what the palette is. However there’s a catch, these palettes look exactly similar to coastal scents however these palettes are no brand as in they don’t have a brand. Just to assure you, my friend bought one of the palettes and they were exactly the same as the one I bought from coastalscents. So there’s my insight, I highly recommend you to get any of the palettes esp the 88 or the neutral because they will come in good use!

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    Coastal Scents Makeup

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    Coastal Makeup

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    I purchased a Coastal Scents palette when I was first getting into makeup -- it's amazing! I really recommend the 88 palettes, you get so many shadows for a really good price. The shadows are a very good quality, and the pigmentation is awesome! I haven't tried the brushes yet (I'd rather stick with my MAC brushes, haha...) but they aren't very expensive, so if you want to try them I don't think it would set you back much. You can always return them if you don't like them (I wouldn't recommend using them and returning them though... just feel them and see if you think they're good quality.) Since you're starting out with makeup, I recommend the 88 warm or 88 metal mania palette. I got the 88 warm as my first palette, but I do like the 88 metal mania a little bit better because in addition to neutral shadows, it has some pinks, purples, and corals. If you're daring though, feel free to get the 88 matte or 88 shimmer. I live in the US, so I don't know how much shipping to Australia would be, I'm sorry :( It will calculate shipping for you once you enter your address on the website. Keep in mind that the shadows aren't very big though, they're probably the size of the tip of your thumb. So, they won't last forever... but the palettes are great when you're starting out. I hope I helped! Good luck with your makeup collection in the future :)

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    Ive heard that coastal scents eyeshadows are really good but i have not personally used it.. if you go to youtube and search Allthatglitters21, im pretty sure she has done reviews.Hope I helped

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    I actually have both and i would 100% recommend it to u! right now the matte is less expensive than the shimmer & it works sooooo great! u wont be disappointed! you have so many colors to choose from and you can make your own by mixing and matching. Oh, and they are extremely pigmented so u only need a dab and it will really last u a long while.

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    oh my god buy the palette. you will not regret it.Best investment i have ever made.

    The natural palette of 24 is amazing to.

    The colors are amazing.Coastal scents is amazing hands down.

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    I have the shimmer palette and all I can say is that their makeup is absolute CRAP! For me, there is absolutely no way I can wear the eyeshadows without having it fall all over my face!

    It is such low quality! If you like natural colors, save the money to get a few natrual colors from a higher-quality brand, rather than spending the money on 88 colors, most of which you won't use anyway.

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