how do I use HDMI w/ a receiver/TV/DVD player set up?

I use DVD player(s) to listen to CDs mostly, so I'm planning on getting a Yamaha home theater receiver, although I'm not "that into" movies, so I probably won't be hooking up 5+ speakers to it...

anyway, it doesn't seem likely that just one HDMI cable would connect three units - rec'er, TV and DVD player - so I need to know if I am wrong or if I'm right and if so, what else do I need and how do I use it? Thanx~Jonathan

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you connect the DVD player to the receiver/amp via an HDMI cable you will connect digital both video and audio with the one cable. Then connect the TV to the receiver HDMI out socket also with an HDMI cable and you are digital all the way.

    You will want to connect at least two decent speakers to enjoy the music. The speakers in TV sets are just not up to reproducing music so just leave them turned off. Besides, you have top-quality sound going in. Why lose all that with inadequate speakers.

    Even if you don't watch a lot of movies, a good, modem receiver will interpret stereo audio and produce a very satisfying listening environment with a 5.1 speaker set up -- specially for live or concert recordings.


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