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Memo shows Condi Rice Ok'd waterboarding, will Obama have the justice department Prosecute Condi?

Memo shows Condi Rice Ok'd waterboarding, will Obama have the justice department Prosecute Condi?

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    She got her orders from Bush/Cheney so they should be prosecuted.*

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    Where was Attorney General Eric Holder when he was the Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton when Clinton signed Presidential Directive 39 authorizing the CIA to use Extraordinary Rendition of suspected terrorists?

    It should be noted that waterboarding is part of military training in the event of capture. Waterboarding of recruits goes back to WWI.

    So now Obama wants to strip the CIA of all of its tools used in interrogation while telling Al-queda just what they can expect if captured. Meanwhile he wants to prosecute those who have kept us safe for the last 8 years.

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    as previously predicted...the white house must arrest somebody to open the door for more arrests of potential political adversaries...this is moving right along.

    after their stance was that no one would be charged and then flip flopping can only mean that they were eyeballing someone else, but it didn't pan out...they have to act soon but are cautiously waiting for the perfect moment...they'll toss a smoke grenade and then make their move.

    once the first arrests are made...then it's show time..they'll pull off their masks and show the infidel americans who is boss.

    get your sporting goods ready, kiddies.

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    Yes he will have each and everyone before the special investigation team. He will eventually prosecute soldiers, marines, air force and navy.

    The man does not want people to be able to clear their minds long enough to think about what he is doing to OUR country. We the people have become we the sheeple. We follow whatever our government tells us to do and believe.

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  • If he's gonna start it, he better do it right and prosecute EVERYONE! Saying she got orders from Bush/Cheney so she should be exempt is like saying the Manson family killers should be free because Charlie told em to do it.

    I DISAGREE WITH THE WHOLE THING! He's such an a** and some country somewhere is gonna get rocked by the terrorists real soon.

  • There will no doubt be 'parallel investigations,' since the Bush Justice Department, under Ashcroft and Gonzlez, was involved. There will have to be blue-ribbon Special Investigators and all that.

    As it now seems to be turning out that Bush, Cheney, Rove, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rice, et al, were authorizing torture as early as December 2001, BEFORE there were suspects to be questioned, that torture was pre-sanctioned, one of the key objectives being to establish a connection between Usama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. To date, ex-VP Darth Cheney is the only person to make such a connection...


    Source(s): anti-torture Vietnam vet... ...smoke THAT !!!
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    Bring it and we will hold Obama to the same standards. Equality for every public official.

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    i have to wonder what will be the response of "the common people"

    if the obama administration pursues the members of the prior admin

    obama is pushed by the lefties to do this

    but there will be "hell to pay" from the middle and right if he does it

    tough times for obama, i think

    and you gotta wonder if it all is a diversion

    but he is being watched way to closely for that to work

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    This will be Obama's Waterloo, and it is his own Party that will bring him down. In fact, Democrat will be synonymous with Traitor, absolute opposite of what they envision.

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    Waterboarding is only a mind game. It doesn't "hurt or bring blood". It merely messes with their mind.

    Do you think Terrorist who capture our citizens and/or military personnel treat them with kindness?? Heck no!!! Our people are brutalized tremendously.

    If Obama has his way, terrorist are simply going to get a slap on the wrist and then a handshake.

    As an American, I want my country to do EVERYTHING in it's power to keep me and my family safe!

    Our rivals need to know that we WILL fight back and protect our country!!

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    Since the Lawyers okayed the original water boarding directive, y'all need to go after the Attorneys.....

    Good LUCK!

    water boarding ain't sh1t in comparison to what I would do to secure this nation, her troops and our democracy.

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