How come there is a lot yankees on that mitchell report?

im no yankees fan but i happen to notice there is a lot of yankees on the mitchell report. isnt he a redsox fan? where is the investigation on that, roger clemens (okay he did play for the redsox but he won a world series with the yankees), a rod, giambi, andy petitite and who knows who else. there were a 103 names on that list. the media only put out the famous ones!


yeah im talking about actiive players

wally joyner is retiired

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    The Mitchell Report was based mostly on the testimony of two New York clubhouse guys in McNamee and Radomsky.

    And the Mitchell Report was headed by a guy who's on the board of directors for the Red Sox. Pardon me for being skeptical. Plenty of other teams have/had steroid users. We just never found about them.

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    Exactly. The media tells you about Yankees because they know that will sell a whole lot more. Think about how you never hear about Guillermo Mota, Eric Gagne and Paul Lo Duca. Maybe the Dodgers are a roid haven. After all, they're not too far from BALCO, which is ground zero for the steroid controversy.

    I'm not making any accusations, I believe that many players on every since MLB team were juicing in the 90s and early 2000s. It really shows somebody's ignorance when they single out and ridicule guys, especially A-Rod, for steroid use.

    Was it right? Not many people will argue that it is, but was it understandable? Absolutely.

    That being said, I'll go with Hulk Hogan and Chris Rock and say that I "understand" why O.J. killed Nicole (if he did), I'm not saying its right. But I understand.

    But murder is on a completely different level than cheating of any kind, let alone cheating in a simple game, so just try to keep things in perspective and realize that athletes are humans, and can even be more vulnerable than the average person.

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    Ok there were more than 103 names on the Mitchell report. You've probably mistaken the report that named A-Rod and came out in the SI articles. The Mitchell report can be found on Wikipedia with names and teams. But let's look at some of the "Yankees" on the list. Kevin Brown former Oriole, Canseco(Oakland) Clemens (Boston and Toronto before he came to the Yankees) Giambi (Oakland), David Justice (Atlanta) Knoblauch (Minnesota) Sheffield (Atlanta) so people seriously need to read the report because you might find your favorite team on there.

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    Because the Mitchell report was done by someone associated with the Boston Red Sox organization & very biased but that didn't prove to that other players from other teams didn't juice up cause they weren't caught & still say that more players have juice not just Yankees players cause afterall, steroids is a baseball issue, not a Yankees issue

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  • Connor
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    The Yankees did have the most, and they had the most because, well, they used the most steroids?

    And, there were over 300 players mentioned in the Mitchell Report. And he isn't some random guy, he's a senator that was accurate in this report. And there's not 103 names, you're thinking of an entirely different thing. Alex Rodriguez was not in the report.

    What are you talking about? Mike Judd, Josias Manzanillo, Wally Joyner, Dan Naulty, and Darren Holmes are famous?

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    Everybody already knew that 60% of the yankees were juicers anyways. Even without the Mitchel Report, we would have found out about all of those guys anyways.

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    i don't know. ask George Mitchell or Brian McNamee.

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