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How can we commemorate our former enemies?

Our own Presidents such as Ronald Reagan once remarked that the German SS troops were victims of Hitler just as much as the Jews were (which is true). But nonetheless we've never accepted the possibility that there MAY HAVE been good men on both sides fighting the same wars we have.

Isn't it time we recognize them too?

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    Thanks for finally accepting that "Hitler" is not a synonym for "the German people", which is not a synonym for "Nazi" or "sadist" or "murderer". There were good people in Germany back than, who did not dare to speak up after they found out what was really happening, and there were crazy maniacs who - well, did what we all learn in History lesson today. The question of how guilty someone is for not speaking out about it - or for looking away - or for not letting your own imagination go that far as to see clearly... I think is one that NOW, with 70 years of comfortable distance, can not be answered and will always be a reason for dispute - educated or otherwise.

    The SS also is not the armed body that did most of the fighting. That was the Wehrmacht. As Germany did not have a solely professional army, and many people were drafted ( and no, they did not all bash each others heads in to be the first to sign up! They had to sign up, whether they wanted to or not! There was no "Oh, I'll do social service, instead!"), I think it was about time that someone aloud the German people of today to mourn for their grandfathers who had to fight in a war they were not responsible for (I am talking about the individual person here, not the country and policy of it!), and the possibility that good German men died in this war is just as high as the possibility that in every war, on every side, there are good people dying.

    Again, I am not saying we need to rewrite history about that, but calling every German person you meet "Nazi" as soon as you find out they are German meanwhile, in my opinion, comes close to calling every white US American you meet a slave owner, every Jewish person a Christ killer and every Lutheran an unbelieving destroyer of the one true church.

    All of the above were once popular perceptions and definitions that are outdated nowadays. They do not apply, and whether they ever universally applied is rather highly doubtful.

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    Yes, Jews were not the only ones that suffered, the catholic were being killed to for not supporting the evil.

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    I agree 100% with what your name says.

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