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Should i make this fantasy baseball trade?

I give: Aramis Ramirez + Raul Ibanez

I get: Evan Longoria

should i make this trade? why or why not?

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    NO WAY!

    look... yeah Evan is a very good 3rd basemen but he is overrated!

    just take a look at the numbers at the end of the year and you are gonna see how good Aramis is!

    and then you are giving a guy like Ibanez who is gonna have a MONSTER season!

    you can't make this trade! you would be loosing too much!

    i would stay with the 2 underrated players because trust me they are going to outproduce Longoria!, maybe even both of them would at the end of the year so you are better of keeping your players

    good luck!!!

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    I don't see that as an upgrade. Ramirez topped Evan by 17 points in BA last year. They both had 27 HR's. Aramis had 26 more RBI's and scored 30 more runs. This year Evan has 2 more HR's and 1 less RBI. He leads by 24 BA points but it's way too early to predict then end of the year stats. This in no way sounds like an upgrade. Even at best. Ibanez and his 5 HR's and 11 RBI's with a .375 BA would be an outright gift. Bad deal. Don't do it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You get Evan Longoria, which is an upgrade over Aramis. You lose Raul Ibanez, so what. OF is such an easy position to find through FA pickups, trade, etc.

    Very favorable trade for you.

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    Only if it's a keeper league, I believe right now Ramirez is a better player than Longoria, Longoria will be the best 3rd basemen in a year or two but right now it's not really worth it to give up a decent outfield and Aram for him however if it was a keeper league definitely bcuz Longoria is a great keeper player.

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    Call me crazy, but I wouldn't give up Ramirez, he is the most underrated player in baseball in my opinion. Think about it, you give a great third baseman, a consistent veteran who has quite a few all star games and an experienced outfielder who was an underrated pickup. You get another good thirdbaseman, but he's too young to invest in. You already have a great third baseman, why trade him for another one? But you can't go wrong, do what you want.

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    Longoria is a hot commodity no doubt. Ramirez and Ibanez are two historically undervalued players. Ram tends to get hurt, but play hurt and still perform consistently. Ibanez is probably playing above his average at the moment, but is still reliable.

    Even so, I would make this trade. Longoria is all upside, and you will pay for that by giving away consistently.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Absolutely, you get a young hot talent and get an extra roster spot to fill with a player on a hot streak. Ramirez and Ibanez have the caliber to be decent players, but they are also older and have the chance of injury. I would say no. Hope this helps.

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    Yes that works out for you bcuz now u got a younger guy who can steal bases every so often. And you hav space on your roster so you can wait and get an outfeilder who gets a hot streak or becomes a free agent later on so I think its a good trade.

  • reny d
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    1 decade ago

    even is better then aramis and open spot on your rooster is better then ibanez. he he.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's a great deal for you. I would take that in a heartbeat!

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