Cannon AFB, New Mexico?

My fiance just received his orders for Cannon AFB in New Mexico. Has anyone been stationed there & can maybe tell me some good and bad things about the surrounding areas? Any info on any surrounding colleges & universities would be so helpful too!

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    I was there from Sep 2004 - Jul 2007 back when it was an Air Combat Command F-16 base. The town of Clovis is about 37,000 people...small-town feel. A lot of people thought the placed sucked but I really enjoyed my time there. If you get to know your neighbors and get to know civilians in the community then it really is a great place to be. I found a great church and stayed involved there. The town of Portales is about 20 minutes to the south and is the home of Eastern New Mexico University. Lubbock and Amarillo are each 90 minutes away and Albuquerque in about 3.5 hours away.

    If you live off-base, try to get a house north of 14th street (north of 21th street is even better). Most military folks live over by the Chaparrel golf course on the northeast side of Clovis (by Llano Estacado between Prince Street and Norris Street).

    You'll aslo get the occasional cattle smell from the herds off to the east and north (or the meth labs in the southern part of town).

    Ski slopes near Santa Fe and Angel Fire are about 2.5-3 hours away, and Colorado Springs is about 6 hours away. There's one main bar in town (Kelley's). There's a small shopping mall, Red Lobster, WalMart, Lowe's, Golden Corral, Rib Crib, Cotton Patch, and a plethora of really good Mexican eateries.

    Just post in your additional details any more info you'd like and I'll come back later and help you out.

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    I hate to say it, but Cannon AFB is right smack dab in the middle of NOWHERE!. Clovis NM is a small town whose existence is primarily due to the AF base there.

    If you like hunting, there is some good hunting around that area. There are really no large cities around there, closest one would be Amarillo. There is Lubbock Tx, which has a university there, which isn't too far... (within 50 miles I believe).

    If you like a small town environment, you should like it. Do yourself a favor though, keep an open mind. I've driven through there numerous times on my trips to Albuquerque and was not impressed. I also lived there a number of years as a young child (my dad was stationed there).

    Each assignment is what you make of it. Good luck.

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    Here's info on Cannon AFB

    Clovis Community College

    Clovis Chamber of Commerce,_New_Mexico

    Any place you go will be what you make of it. Have fun.

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