David Kellerman's suicide,was that an act of bravery or desperation ?

Looks like the Feds are turning up the heat at Freddie Mac.Bet some people are getting seriously nervous.who is next,Barney Frank,Chris Dodd,Franklin Raines,etc...Time to pin the tails on all the donkeys
Update: undante,you are the only one just scratching the surface.freddie and fanny have been corrupt for YEARS ! finally the sh*i*t is about to hit the fan.I am waiting for more suicides or jail sentences. these mfkrs caused the meltdown worldwide. think,why would a 41 yr. old exec.with a $850,000 payday kill himself ?
Update 2: do you notice how the liberals are silent and do not want to participate !hey guys,barney frank,franklin raines,chris dodd are next !
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