Can the world continue without suffering and evil?

Your thoughts please?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Rez has much Wisdom!

    From our own individual viewing point, which is the only way we can see, no it will not. This is the level of apparent duality. We see this because we believe it & believe it because we see it & stand in ignorance of what is doing the seeing. If we change what we see what we see changes, yet it is not done with the head but thru the heart with surrender & acceptance.

    The head will always see the world thru it's preconceived ideas & make what it sees match. But a open heart learns how to just Be, & then all secrets & unknowns can be seen. The way to the heart is within & then the outside will mirror your journey.

    I pray to have an open heart!

    Many Blessings!


    Sirius, remarkable fable, Thank You!


    If this world changes in anyway, no matter what the cause, then is it the same world? Beautiful but deadly, Joy/pain are earmarks of here. If the duality is gone then our experience is different. Does a New World mean new location or New experience? It comes down to your understanding of that which gives life & meaning to the world.


  • 1 decade ago

    This world needs suffering and evil. Once we die and go to whichever nirvana we're destined for, then there's no more room for suffering and evil. This earth was created for that very reason. How can spirits understand what it means to live in a world of suffering if there is none in the afterlife?

    However, I think the world will be hit with a big eye-opener in the years to come. The worst that I think might happen is that a big restart button will be pressed, and the world will start anew. Which is no big deal of course since our spirits are eternal.

  • as long as organizations such as religion exist, people will suffer and there will be evil. and since most religious people believe they cant live without there belief then the world or religious humans cant continue without suffering and evil. the world should survive though.

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    What is just is. The question might be asked: "Can the concept of the world continue without the concept of suffering and evil?" All are judgments arising withing the fabric of existence. Without concepts or judgments and without even our treasured perceptions there is simply the play of existence, eternally renewing right now. Existence, even when seen as a conglomeration of separated identities believing that without suffering and evil they face dissolution and annihilation, is as it is, and even this arises from within.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not a single day has gone by in without some sufftering and evil in this world so it dosent look like its going to happen

  • 1 decade ago

    Suffering is caused by desire for that which one does not have yet thinks one must have, needs and/or wants.

    An end to suffering would not mean that there would not be disease, accidents and the like however these events would be seen in context and dealt with in appropriate manners.

    Evil is a subjective term and as such has not real application in the objectivity of reality.

    Nothing is good or bad, evil, ugly, beautiful, etc. as all that exist is simply as it is, nothing more or less.

    Such does not disrupt the harmony of the energy of all that exist as the balance of yin and yang would continue simply being seen and understood in its true reality.


    (excellent question, thank you for the post.)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you mean: Is it possible to attain a world without suffering and evil? Well, I believe that it is possible to reduce them to bearable levels, and that mankind will inevitably reach that level, unless we destroy ourselves first (or are taken out by an asteroid).

    Or do you mean: Could the world work if suffering and evil did not exist? That, I do not know.

  • Elcy
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    4 years ago

    Because we are not yet perfect. God created that perfect place, which is called heaven. But how can we be perfected in a world that itself is perfect? It is impossible to learn the kind of love God has for us, when there is no need to love your enemies or forgive those who have wronged you, in a place where there is no temptation or evil. Wouldn't you agree? It is kind of like a soldier training in an obstacle course without obstacles.

  • Can we stop an avalanche from falling down the side of a steep mountain or a train from coming down the tracks, full speed ahead?

    No. Evil will manifest and suffering will be staggering. There is no way around it.

    Que serra serra, what will be will be.

    It is how we deal with it personally, that will decide how much we will suffer.

  • 1 decade ago

    It appears so as we have gone too far from our Source and pushed ourselves into misery. However, suffering and evil also has some positive side: it can motivate us to seek the truth and live it as that alone would mitigate suffering. Many ways to access Good, suffering can also be one such. Certainly, far better than mediocrity as the intensity of suffering can reach us to borderland of divinity, mediocrity wallows us in misery but thinks that is heaven!

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