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What and how much should feed my horse?

I recently purchased a 9 yr old Thoroughbred, who is 1 yr retired from racing. I grew up on a farm and have had nearly every animal except horses. My mother in law has had horses all her life but, honestly I don't think she knows that much(old fashioned &stuck in her ways). I've been reading everything I can get my hands on, but I'm still confused. Can I feed just oats? If so what kind? Should I feed pellets, or sweet feed? Is sweet feed too sweet? Is corn good or bad?

He's out in pasture all the time with a run in barn, and he ALWAYS has free choice of hay. I trail ride for about 1-2 hrs when the horrible PA mountain weather is fit. Please help me find a good diet for my horse.

p.s. I've been feeding Vintage Gold Pellets w/ an ulcer prevent supplement called U-7.


He does not have ulcers, since he raced I knew he was at high risk for uclers, U-7 promotes healthy gastric & digestive system, it's all natural. It's from www.finishlinehorse.com

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    Vintage Gold is a good pellet. I've known many TBs on it.

    I don't suggest oats for an OTTB or corn or sweet feed. Just stick with the pellets.

    They are easily digested and not 'hot'.

    Depending on how his weight is will determine how much grain you feed (in pounds). Normally it's about 2-3lbs in the AM and then again in the PM.

    Less for easy keepers and NO GRAIN for the super easy keepers that can maintain their weight on just hay.

    For some super hard keepers they are fed 3lbs in the AM then a 1lb lunch and then another 3lbs in the evening (that type of schedule)

    My guys are on just hay and pasture plus a small scoop of a vitamin supplement. That's it.

    Remember...add the amount slowly. Too much too soon can cause colic or laminitis.

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    Go for a feed that suits the discipline he is doing. If he is pastured mostly, try Nutrena Prime. Be careful not to feed too much or something too high in sugar or fiber.....oats are just a lot of fiber....pellets like Prime are digested easily. Straight corn is not good either.......does your horse have ulcers???? If so, go to www.forloveofthehorse.com. Feel free to 'contact us' and talk to equine professionals.

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    I used to feed mine a scoop of a mix of sweet feed and oats. 2x a day. Sweet feed is too heavy by itself. Unless he is a very active and athletic. It will cause a horse to founder or colic. Pellets are ok. A big coffee can. once or twice a day. I would not feed a bunch of alfalfa. check for blister beetles really well it will kill a horse if they eat them. Grass hay is best. If any other questions I would check with what he was getting before or contact your vet.

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    you should feed him sweet feed and of he dont do good on that then ask your local feed store about your feed you should feed him about a 1 gallon in the morning and 1 gallon in the evening!

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    Talk to your vet about what feed to feed him. I would recommend Purina Strategy, but just ask your vet.

    Here is a link to the Purina feed:


    Hope this helps!

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    don't feed him anything with molasses (sweet feed)..it's hard for them to digest

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