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I've never seen a shooting star zig - zagging across the sky , have you ?

When the Devil tries to escape from the blazing missiles and the stars tries to catch the Devil, that is .

How much fun it must be .It's like the game of Police and Thief except that God and the Holy Book is involved so it's THAT much more serious a matter .

What if the Devil made a run and safely escapes? all that effort put into hitting them by shooting stars gone to waste isn't it? What a shame.

Q. 67: 5

“And we have, (from of old), adorned the lowest heaven with Lamps, and We have made such (Lamps) (as) missiles to drive away the Evil Ones, and have prepared for them the Penalty of the Blazing Fire.”


ωαzgυ∂ :::>★ {ѕнσσтιиg ѕтαя} : I don't see your star zig-zagging either . Or maybe Allah is taking a rest from endlessly witch hunting His enemies?Perhaps He's starting to pay some attention to massive poverty and suffering on earth , perhaps.

Update 2:

Xavi: LoL


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    have you ever seen a bullet zig-zagging in the air?

    hmm...and when people try to escape from the bullets, the bullet should follow yes?

    missles, bullets...hmmm somehow they manage to hit their targets w/o having to 'zig-zag'...

    it takes less work to understand simply what is being said than to twist the meaning


    okay, i didn't say the stars zig-zag and that verse doesn't say the stars zig-zag...idk how you don't get it O__O


    Wallahu A'lam

    Source(s): : stones, bullets, missles have all managed to drive things/people away where does it say any of them are supposed to follow in zig-zag? where whereee?!
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    He created seven heavens, one above the other. You will not see a flaw in the Merciful's creation. Turn up your eyes: can you detect a single crack?


    Then look once more and yet again: your eyes will in the end grow dim and weary.

    We gave adorned the lowest heaven with lamps, missiles to pelt the devils with. We have prepared the scourge of the Fire for these, and the scourge of Hell for those who deny their Lord: an evil fate!

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    Looks like allah misses to shoot the devil on many occassions, that's why the devil keeps coming back, and muslims have to constantly avoid him, the damn fool won't die out, the devil must be zig zagging away from from the shooting stars everytime.

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    Why would a rational deity put living things in a blazing fire? And for an eternity? What does the deity get out of it? I may enjoy strangling puppies now and then but I wouldn't do it for its entire life, that's just pointlessly cruel.

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    I think this is about the meteors.

    We see all of the time meteors coming down to the earth in the night. This missile is i think the meteor.

    Edit1 : I looked at the tafsir and it says that it might be meteor too...

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    No, but I have seen a child being hit by a truck reversing, getting crushed and killed. I suppose Allah was busy catching the Shaytan with shooting stars at the time.

    Source(s): Superstitious people who believe in this nonsense are dangerous people to me, for they would believe anything without questioning, "What is the reasoning/rationality behind this? Does this make any sense?"
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