Army Basic Training...What to expect?

I am planning on joining the ARMY and I am wanting a heads up on what to expect for basic training.

(Only answer if you yourself are in the military.)


Personal experiences would be nice...

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    Lots of screaming - you will be told to do lots of things that you ar unfamiliar with always in a very loud voice

    Sleep deprivation - you will always be tired

    Sore muscles

    Confusing terminology - beat your face (push ups), get smoked (exercise until you puke), chow (food), latrine (bathroom), PT (exercise), weapon (rifle NOT a gun), K-pot/Brain Bucket (helmet), cover (hat), etc

    Memorization - lots of facts to be memorized really fast

    Hurry up and wait

    A whole new meaning to "clean"

    Attention to detail

    Good luck and thanks for your decision to join our team!

    Source(s): an Army Officer 20+ years experience
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    A Couple Things

    1 .Whatever you expect its going to be like... its not going to be like it at all.

    2. Its going to suck HARD, depending on where you go (Ft. Benning is the worst.

    3. You will miss it once you graduate, and you will be glad you did it.

    4. Lots of PT, hardly any sleep

    5. Corporate punishment.. one person screws up, the entire platoon pays for it, trust me you will want to kill the **** up

    Have fun, but I dont reccomend the whole Army thing.

    Source(s): I graduate fort benning infantry training two years ago.
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    in basic training they smoke the hell out of you the first day, then the next day while youre sore they give you a pt test, majority will fail it.

    then youll go on to have pt every other day. its a very good workout too, i saw fat kids get eight packs. depending on your commmander youll have a strict company or an easy going one. my company wasnt allowed to do anything pretty much, but the others in my battalion had their cell phones on weekends and were allowed to walk around freely sometimes.

    as for the training, youre going to go to your training for the day and sit in the bleachers all day waiting for your whole company to do the 10 minutes of training. you make friends and enemies. for me i loved it for the first month and a half but then it just felt too easy and boring after that. youre going to count the days until you get to ait, and then when you get to ait youll realize its the same thing except you get your phone or laptop for an hour a day or on the weekends. honestly though i love it, im happier here than ive been anywhere else. in basic training if you push yourself youll find youre a lot stronger than you ever really thought about. i learned to smile while i was low crawling through mud puddles in the rain for three hours or more. it sounds horrible but when you think about it its not that bad. theres also going to be the quitters and the people who dont want to listen. the quitters pretend to be suicidal so they can get kicked out, or they pretend theyre hurt so they cant get smoked. the people who dont want to listen will eventually somewhat change. there will be power hungry peers who want to be platoon guide and people who dont want to, as it turns out the people who seem like the worst in the platoon are the best leaders in my opinion. the power hungry ones get up there and yell at you like theyre drill sergeants. while i was there i got into a few fights, the privates think they can "start fights" and you wont do anything because you are afraid to get in trouble. dont be afraid to "accidently" knock them down while youre all getting smoked. i dont really have much else i can think of, if you have a question just ask.

    Source(s): graduated army basic training march 28th 2009. currently in AIT.
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    I'm not army i'm marines... but just expect a lot of mind games and lots of PT. You will learn and experience many new things. In the end you'll get a laugh out of it.

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    Depending on where you go when you leave reception they put you in trailers and buses. It is really calm then you hear the doors close, and all hell breaks lose. The DS start yelling make you pick up your bags and hold them and what ever you do do not touch a DS. After a few weeks you get used to it and its just becomes routine.

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    you will have a lot of physical and psychological expectations. Just remember your Drill Sergeant is not there to be your friend. He is there to turn you into a warrior. They will push you to believe in yourself and ultimately if you can overcome their challenges you will succeed. FYI, make sure you can run with a lot of endurance. The physical training is the toughest part.

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    It's not as hard as it used to be. I went through and only 2 people dropped out. 1 from injury, another got chartered out and got a less than honorable discharge from behavior. Another though got sent to Ft. Leavenworth because of his behavior there....hitting an NCO, cussing out a range NCO etc.

    But yea, it's pretty easy. Lots of yelling and PT but not too hard.

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    ArmyChemo gave a good answer.

    Please check out my answer to the attached question:;_ylt=AoAQp...

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