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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesSacramento · 1 decade ago

How far up the Sacramento River could I take a boat?

I know that ocean-going ships can go up-river to the Port of Sacramento, but I'm thinking of something like those offshore race boats like they used to show on "Miami Vice."

Also, are there any houses for sale on the river? And if I had one, could I install a boat dock?


Cyndee- Thanks for answering. You say there are sturgeon in the river? That's something else I wouldn't have suspected.

Update 2:

Mr. Jay- Don't sugarcoat it, tell me what you really think of the boat. (chuckle)

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  • cyndee
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    1 decade ago
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    Get a realtor and they will answer all your questions about houses for sale on the river and boat docks. I have friends who have off shore racing boats and they live in Discovery Bay, with boat docks. Every year there is a festival on the water called Bridge to Bridge. The Offshore boats race the river during this festival.

    It has been a long time, but, I have been up the river in our boat. How far did we go? As far as where the two rivers meet, Sacramento and American...maybe to the Feather? I remember the depth finder said the water was only 1 foot deep and I didn't believe it. I stuck a pole out the side of the boat into the water and in one foot I found muck/mud.

    We backed the boat the heck out of there so we didn't get stuck.

    Source(s): Used to swim on that river, not now.. The sturgeon, whales and seals are bigger than me!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Yea you can take a small or flat boat for a long ways! but I don't know if you'd want to risk it with an "off shore" my buddy has the exact one from the new Miami vice (SWEET A$$ BOAT) and granted it basically hoovers above the water at higher speeds lol but you cant go to fast in a lot of spots way out there. too much money in a boat like that to risk it! we once did the American (different boat) all the way up but it got so "hairy/sketchy" inland-east that we were literally laying on the bow watching for rocks and the bottom. we kinda regretted that in retrospect. all the beer definitely didn't help our better judgment. :)

    I do occasionally see a house or two for sale along the river and as far as I know You can install dock no prob. You'd still have to get the right permits though. Its very common to see a house there have its own private dock.

    A friend of mines uncle had a river house on garden hwy way back (80's-90's), I remember asking him about that, but that was years ago!

    on a side note MAN THOSE OFFSHORE (cigarette) BOATS ARE SICC!!! LOL

    good luck in you quest!

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  • 5 years ago

    I have fished the beautiful river all of my 62 years. You can navigate up the river from San Francisco to the Shasta Dam in Redding using a boat, not a ship. The river is at least 18' deep.

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