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One of my exam questions may have this as a question, i need to revise and have no clue how to do a question on the square route, can someone please explain???? HELP

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    When you square something, you multiply it by itself.

    So, 3 squared is 3x3 = 9

    Finding the square root of a number is the backwards process of squaring. You are trying to find the number that was squared to produce the one you have been given


    Find the square root of 9

    Ans: 3, because 3x3=9

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    The square root of a number is what number times itself equals the number

    ex: sqrt(x) = 10

    x = 10^2 = 10 x 10 = 100,

    so the sqrt(100) = 10

    If it is on a test is it probably an easy one, start by squaring easy numbers, like 6 x 6, until you get the right answer. If the number is in between two easy squares, you know that it is a decimal somewhere between those two numbers.

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    You can think of taking a square root as the opposite of squaring.

    For example: 16 is equal to 4 squared (16 = 4 x 4)

    The square root of 16 = 4

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    You try to think of a number (let's say x) where

    x² = TheNumberUnderTheRoot

    When you have a big number under the root and you can't think of any x-number, you can do something like the following:

    √144 = √(2*72) = √(2*2*36) = √(4*36) = √4 * √36 = 2 * 6 = 12

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    if you mean square root, its means what number times itself equals a third number 3 x 3=9 the square root of nine is 3, 6 x 6=36 the square root of 36 is 6.

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