Does anyone use Express Scripts?

My company is changing prescription coverage from BCBS to Express Scripts. I don't feel comfortable using a mail order pharmacy. I had rather take it to my regular pharmacist and get meds filled that way. Does retail pharmacies accept Express Scripts? Can anyone tell me how this works? We have a retail pharmacy here where I work, but I don't want everyone knowing what meds I am on. I think that is personal and don't feel like my co-workers should know everything about me. Am I crazy? Can someone please explain this Express Scripts to me. I currently use CVS and love them but don't want to change.

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    Most pharmacies accept express scripts. I see that insurance all the time. Just give your new card to the pharmacy, and you'll be fine. It's just your co-pays might be higher at a regular pharmacy. BCBS has never been your prescription insurance because they always contract that part of the plan out to a PBM.

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