How to help the poor people?

Can anyone give me suggestions how citizens can help the poor people.


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    If you are a secure, or well to do citizen, and you want to help people... there are several possibilities...

    1) If you are very rich, then you could hire an agent, cheaply, to find actual people and help them out on a 1by1 basis. In order to get tax deductions, you have to form an LLC/charity, and claim your writeoffs. This is better than merely giving money to the X organization, because:

    a) You get to control how much cash/help goes where, and actually see results (or not, if you pick the wrong person. It is a learning thing,)

    b) If you just give money to some organization, you are likely to have no idea what they do with it. Nor any control, and worse; They may waste it or just spend it on admin fees. You'll be helping someone well off then, a director, not a poor person.

    2) If you are not so rich, then you have to find other, affordable ways to help people. Rather than just give money to National X organization, find some small local group, where you can actually see what they are doing, and do your donating of time, money, resources, what have you there. Again, you want to "get closer" to the actual recipients, so that:

    i) You can see that your efforts/sacrifices are actually yielding some good, and that these resources are not being wasted, because you are keeping an eye on things.

    ii) You can see the actual people who are being helped. You can see that a difference is being made in their existences. This will make you feel good about yourself, and your efforts.

    3) Whatever you do, look around! There are many times you can help the less fortunate than you, and without it costing you a lot - or anything:

    a. Shovel that POOR senior's walkway for free. (Let the rich senior hire someone - maybe you!)

    b. Bud has no car. Give him a ride to the mall, doctor, whatever.

    c. Joe is poor, and has an old beat up PC. Help him make it last longer, help him acquire a cheap printer, and so on.

    d. Bill lives on nothing, tries hard (not lazy), works a crappy minimum wage job. Hire Bill to rake your leaves - pay him cash, no cheque - and say: "Bill, I am SO grateful for your help, here is $Z." Let Z be a nice amount, say the equivalent of $20 an hour.

    e. There are a zillion little things you can do, that help, and at the same tyime, re-use, reduce, re-cycle, and make the world a better place. All it takes is a little thought on your part.

    EXAMPLE: I am working poor. Yet, I know a bit about computers. I know a number of seniors locally, who are not wealthy... I help them keep their PC's updated, with A/V's, anti-spies, etc. I help them with Word, Excel, or burn a cd of pictures for the grandkids. (or to play that Cd of pics the grandkids sent them.)

    It costs me little. My rewards? They vary: $10, or a box of cookies, or a vial of viatamins, or a cup of tea, and a piece of cake, and an hour's good company. Trinket rewards? Yes-maybe! NO! - Not really! But that is all they can afford, and it helps them keep their self-respect. And I get to keep up mine. Everybody wins.

    And, you, you too, can do the same, or similar.

    If Bill Gates or Al Gore want to save the world, let them. They can afford it! At least, Bill, for all his faults, has done more good with his wad$, than Al, and many others have - so far - with theirs.

    But you? Save the little piece of the world that you can. Do not over extend yourself. Do so secretly and anonymously whenever possible. It is safer that way, and also exciting in a good way. You'll see.

    Maybe Paris can't even cross the street without a crowd of Paparazzi to praise her... But YOU, you are made of better stuff! Go do something, because a small thing, for you, might be a huge difference for someone else. Start local, first, then go global, second.

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    Poor humans are all alike. It is the attention of a political candidate which appears otherwise in unique angles. The reservation coverage, from a few of the viewpoints was once correct, (pardon, I am now not one amongst beneficiaries). But it was once formulated and applied wrongly. Now we will see that a dalit loved ones even after you have reservation advantages by way of three or four generations is once more a dalit. now the opposite dalit loved ones that's disadvantaged of the benifits for that a lot iteration will must compete with the primary kind of dalit. that's now not justified. The principal purpose for reservation within the brain of charter makers was once an ethical spice up and to train the society towards solid department. My factor is if a man or woman isn't deficient, he need to be regarded non-dalit. regardless that the opposite is probably not real (each and every deficient is probably not regarded as dalit). Even the son of a crorepati is also deficient by means of chapter, and whether it is his fault, most likely it isn't the fault of grandson who will inherit the poverty. And to formulate and put in force a reservation coverage for deficient humans is simply subsequent to unimaginable. What is wanted, is a fantastic coverage for deficient humans to be able to make sure unfastened schooling as much as a particular degree, a correct Public Distribution System, Pointing out the households having no approach of gains, encouraging small scale entrepreneurship and so forth. The govt will have to take powerful steps to terminate the twin schooling method which makes it much more elaborate for the deficient scholars to compete. And if a coverage has been proved futile in final 60 years, it'll stay so in long run six hundred years. Willpower is wanted for reforms to take location. And as a final factor :- The reservation of any variety will improvement the worried humans simplest in govt jobs. and that's creating a small %age of humans. Even extra humans are engaged in agriculture and small firms and retail retail outlets and so forth. and also you can't drive that a %age of whole retail outlets will have to belong to Tribes and an extra to Casts and Poors. Out of a thousand humans, you'll supply process to four STs, 12 SCs, 12 OBCs and 22 Brahmins. But what is going to occur to leisure 950 for those who wouldn't have a unmarried process for them in any class.

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    Most people think they are not in a position to help poverty victims. I strongly believe that any one can lend a helping hand and it does not always have to be through offering some money. Let me share briefly about how to help poverty victims

    Food: Food is one of the basic necessities for any human being. Food has become scarce in the continent because of the decline in food production brought about by numerous factors

    Health care:Health care is another way to help poverty victims. Some deaths are caused by the lack of health care as some of the diseases like AIDS are manageable but people die earlier than they should

    Shelter: There is a growing population of the homeless in the continent who can no longer be ignored. Almost every city has people who stay there, sleep in pipes etc.

    Education: I strongly believe that one of the ways to fight poverty and to cut the chain of poverty is through education. If a member of poverty stricken family is given access to education it is believed he/she would generate income and take care of his/her siblings as dependent their lives would not be the same.

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