Hope you can give me some Ideas!?

I am brainstorming some baby name ideas and would love your help! I would like a name that would have something to do with our past. My husband and I met in the Air Force in Osan Korea. We both grew up in North Carolina. He loves Colorado. And we were married in Virginia! Any suggestions for a boy or girl name would be great!

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    North Carolina

    Counties...Avery, Graham, Lincoln (I prefer Linc)

    Cities...Alexis, Cameron


    Cities...Dillon, Drake, Bailey


    Counties...Madison, Grayson


    Bae (I think it means inspirational)

    Mi-cha is a combination of beautiful and daughter

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    How about Virginia for a girl and Carl(boy version for carolina) Osan for a boy. But if you want uniqeuness, why dont you try to reverse those place, like:


    Aerok Naso-Korea Osan



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    Why not use like Korea, or Carolina those would be good names for a girl! and they kinda have meaning for the twoof u!

    umm, try casual names for a boy, like joshua, or benjamine, or alexander, they are good solid names but can be shortened to simple nick names!

    good luck!

  • Virginia Virgie for short. I loved the movie with Shirley Temple "The Littlest Rebel". Her character was named Virgie. She's from the South.

    Sierra for the mountains



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    Personally I love the name Raleigh for a girl. We thought of it a few years ago (thought we were being original) and now have actually heard a few people name their daughters that.

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    1 decade ago

    Korinya (korea-virginia) - girl

    Colaire (its like claire, but spelt differently. colorado-air) - girl

    Vicorado (virginia-colorado) - boy.

    Vicolina (virginia-carolina) - girl.

    Carolaire (girl)

    Colina (girl).

    .. ? =P some of my random suggestions.

    hope they helped? haha

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    What my husband and I did was combine our names. I am Kristina Gail and he is Matthew Gene

    Our girl name is Maddilyn Gail (Maddi for short)

    Our boy name was Karter Gene (I didn't like Kristian)

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    1 decade ago

    Take into consider some of the following:

    1. Blanket

    2. Apple

    3. Peter Pan

    4. Patty-whack

    or my personal favorite

    5. Bobbi Brown

  • 1 decade ago

    I really like the names in the answer above this one.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sheng-Hui Cho.

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