How to get a white girlfriend at my school?

I'm a senior defenseman on the football team. ( I'm white guy ) Alot of my friends are black guys and notice all the popular white girls date the black QB or the receivers or running backs.. I asked my Dad and he told me to go after the QB position next season or try to date a different race girl. He said most white girls date black guys now which I notice to on Mtv.. Which is no problem, I'm not racist.. I would just like some help on what to do to get white GF?? Whereas, I mostly like white girls.. SO, I dont know what to do. Prom will be coming up and all the guys are dogging me a bit b/c I dont have a date... Thanks

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    Ignore the people who think you're racist, because you're not. People are commonly attracted to things that make them comfortable e.g, similar race, similar style, similar social class.

    Now, you're problem is, you're a football player. Nothing wrong with that per-say, but you are going to date women who are, well, shallow. They will see the bigger more popular guy (in this case the black QB, and leave all the other guys in the dust.)

    My advice to you? Stop trying so hard. Really, look around and make a logical decision about the girls you date. Don't date a girl because "The guys are dogging me" Date a girl because you feel an emotional attraction to her. Sure you can pick and choose the girls you like, but if you know it's going to end in a week, maybe 2, just don't even try. Forget prom and just wait, hang back for a while and find the nice girl who actually -wants- to be in a relationship with you because she knows the real you and not just your biceps.

    Source(s): I played football for a while too, I know the stupid week long relationship women you run into with that kind of stuff. Eventually I just decided it's not worth it and hung back for a while and that's when I met the most amazing girl of my life.
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    Do you want to date a specific girl? Don't say you want to date a white girl. If you find a girl who you like, and she is white, whatever. But she could also be black or Asian or anything. After you have found someone that you are interested in, go after her.

    Life is not like MTV. At my school, there aren't many black people, but there are a majority of white and Asian. Mostly they date within their race but I see them dating each other as well. It's not always white girl dating Asian guy or vice versa, it happens both ways!

    A girl isn't attracted to a guy because he is black. She's attracted to his personality and sure some of his looks too but that isn't the main thing.

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    I understand your position here. I don't think there is much you can do. Just try to hang out with a few white chicks. Try to be friends, be yourself, and hope for the best. Maybe you will find someone else who is nice, and if you like em, take them to the prom. Otherwise, don't think about it too much.

    Best of luck!


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    You'll never find the right girl for you with that attitude.

    Obviously women can tell your a little racist, so anyone with a head on their shoulders is going to stay away from you, including the black girls.

    Good luck finding anyone!

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    I am sure there are some white girls who you find attractive who also find you attractive. You should talk to one of them. Ask them out to get a bite to eat or to the movies. You can even ask if they have any plans for prom and them you can invite her to the prom. Good luck.

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    Um, your focus should be to find love, not color.

    You can't just go looking for a girlfriend. You have to get to know people and be naturally drawn to someone. And you never know what race that special someone will be. But of course with you, eveything is image image image. Think differently.

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    well it's important to make sure you are clean (i know what 13 year old boys can be like)

    Get talking to her as a friend at first, you should find out more about her before you make any moves.

    Soon she will trust you and you will have a good friendship!

    But dont leave it too long otherwise she will just see you as a friend.

    Talk to her about normal things, just general topics.

    Im talking as a girl who has experienced this - dont become all clingy, and make her feel guilty talking to other lads, coz this might put her off you-

    Be free, cool and yourself, they are attractive qualities.

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    Where the heck you come from??? Most white girls DO NOT date black guys....hate to be so blunt but your question ticked me off...go move to a diff state

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    wow this is just so American, where your choices are either live up to society's fixed expectations or you dont get ahead.

    Sorry I dont mean anything against you, but I cant help, Im from NZ & theres almost no social structure, you can be yourself and pickups are based solely on the way the person acts rather than his position.

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    1 decade ago

    I want a white girlfriend.... wtf?

    what does race have to do with anything?!

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