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Graduating boot camp as PFC?

I know you can graduate boot camp PFC with the referral program, but is there any other way to do it?

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    College credits - I believe 15 - my husband graduated boot as a PFC. I think you have to be an eagle scout not just a regular boy scout to do it that way. Also if you graduate company honorman you'll get bumped up one paygrade (you may get this for platoon honorman as well, not sure). In my husband's boot camp the company honorman graduated as a LCpl because he also had the college credits in addition to being honorman.

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    If you have college credit you can come in with a higher pay grade. Did you do JROTC or Sea Cadets during High School? They usually come in with a higher pay grade. I heard that some boy scouts get a higher pay grade. I think it was for the really gung-ho scouts who stay with the program until they graduate or something like that.

    They used to promote the honor grad.

    Note: I am not sure how the scouting thing worked, but I am sure I knew someone who told me that a long time ago.

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    Yup, the college credit thingy works. I was promoted to E-2 when I graduated because I was a squad leader throughout basic, not quite PFC, but it helped.

    Source(s): Ex-Army Sgt. 1st Class
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    the in straightforward words way someone can pop out of boot as a LCpl is they're the corporation honor grad. They wont meritoritously promote you throughout boot if you're already going to graduate as %. yet in case you get 2 human beings to signal up once you graduate you'll get promoted to LCpl

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