What is Jay Leno's problem?

Ok look......I think Leno is pro-gay rights.

cause one time he had Ellen as a guest on his show, and Leno was like "the economy is falling apart, I don't care what you do," stating his opposition to prop 8.

and just last night.....he cracked a funny joke rumoring a relationship between himself & Kevin Eubanks.

So I think this guy is pro-gay rights........but once in a while he does something distasteful.............

I recall a while ago, he was having a dialogue with volunteers from the audience..............

he was speaking with a woman...........then, the next volunteer was a guy. and not an ugly guy.......just a regular, decent looking guy. I thought he was cute.

and Leno made a comment, "Our next guest, not as attractive as the last one........" He called him unattractive just because he's male? So let me get this straight, all men are ugly?

and last night........He did that same thing again. He was talking with 2 women at first......then moved onto a guy.........Leno said, "Our next guest, not as attractive as our last two........"

but this time, the guy responded, "I think I'm pretty handsome."

and Leno was like, "well you're a guy!"

What is Leno's problem stereotyping men as being an ugly, unattractive group of people? Is Leno a self-hating man?

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    please, this your somewhat lame attempt at being funny back? What Leno does is a very old joke/saying/expression/cultural value, in that non-gay men are allowed to quip that other non-gay men are not AS attractive as women.

    Take note, he did never say they were UGLY, he used the PC word "attractive". It's wholly conceivable that a non-gay man is not ATTRACTED to another man, just as gay men are not attracted to women. If it was a Rachel Maddow making that joke about men, saying that Brad Pitt was not as attractive as Angelina Jolie, would you have felt the same way?

    Now, stop being so queenie, get your knickers untwisted and go play with your dollie. Ken doll? ;)

    Or, try to grow up and have a real meaningful relationship with a serious loving man.

  • 1 decade ago

    Leno may be pro-gay rights, but when he interviews people in the audience he says those things about the guys to get a laugh.

    In the eyes of most people (straight men), men are not attractive like women, and Leno simply states it.

    I don't think he means those "unattractive" comments in a mean way, and I don't think he's a self hating man.

    He just says what he has to say to get a laugh out of the audience and the viewers watching at home. His show is part comedy after all.

    Hope this helps!

  • 1 decade ago

    Leno is very pro gay rights but he's also not that funny. Some jokes bomb. There has been an ongoing gag about Leno's and Eubanks having a gay love affair. He even makes gay jokes AT Eubanks because he doesn't have a girlfriend. It's all in the name of humor.

    When I'm fussy and can't get to sleep I get to watch it with my daddies!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not eeryone thinks in terms of Black and White as appears to be Jay's case. He seems to suffer from cognitive dissonance

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  • Katie
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    1 decade ago

    I think you are taking it way too seriously. Lots of men make jokes like this. He just fancies women thats all. It doesn't mean he hates men in any way!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Its his job to make people laugh (even if its a cheap laugh). I wouldnt read to much into this.

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