earthquake and aerial ace to charizard or aerodactyl?

I have a charizard and an aerodactyl, and I want to teach them earthquake and aerial ace. The problem is, I only have one HM of each, so I'm having trouble deciding. Can someone give me their opinion?

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    Hi there. As Rebel D stated, Earthquake is much better suited towards Charizard because it needs to be able to quickly deal with Electric-type and Rock-type Pokemon who deal massive amounts of damage to Charizard if you let them, so by teaching Earthquake to your Charizard, you help Charizard become much better equipped to deal with those Electric-type and Rock-type heavy hitters :)

    Charizard should not be taught Aerial Ace because it already learns Air Slash, which is a much better move for Charizard.

    In my honest opinion, Aerodactyl can probably be taught Aerial Ace, as it is a very fast move and it would be a decent attack for an Aerodactyl, but it probably won't need it until it reaches a much higher level, like 60-70. Earthquake also would not be that bad of a move for an Aerodactyl, but I would advise you teach Charizard Earthquake instead of Aerodactyl.

    Here are my movesets for both Charizard and Aerodactyl:


    Heat Wave

    Dragon Claw


    Air Slash


    Wing Attack

    Ancient Power



    Hope this helps :)

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    Earthquake is simply more dominant and stronger of the two attacks you presented.

    I think Charizard is in more need for Earthquake. Charizard is Fire/Flying tpye. It's one of the best starters in the game. But it's completely owned by Rock(4x weakness) and Electric Attacks(2x weakness). Both(Rock and Electric) are common types among battlers. Charizard's only hope of surviving those two attacks is with a Ground-type Attack. The perfect example of a Ground type Attack well-suited for Charizard is Earthquake. It is not only well-suited for Charizard but it's also NEEDED by Charizard.

    Aerial Ace,simply put,is not exactly needed or that well-suited for Aerodactyl. But if it's the choice between Charizard and Aerodactyl to have the more powerful Earthquake, it's Charizard who badly needs the Earthquake attack.

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    random gengar freak! Earthquake is only useful if it is a 2 on 2 battle, but it hurts your partner. et the weaker one learn Earthquake-i reckon aerodactyl. Charizard- you should teach it Aerial Ace if it is the stronger of the two.Good luck!

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