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Could intelligence be linked to corruption?

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    Corruption also means to benefit dishonestly as in taking advantage by using bribery. Like use of a positon of trust for gaining some selfish motives.

    Or in exchange of something against moral principles.

    Well known commonly used in government affairs.

    As we may usually know that it requires some form of intelligent strategies in hidden agendas in any agreements that possibly resume for unlawful benefits.

    In large range, it may be considered implementing artfully and with shrewdness. So as not to get discovered while proceeding into one's selfish schemes of taking some great advantages.

    Yes, the people possibly implicated use beneficial calculations of their actions to hide a risky but profitable in their own lot.

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    How could it not?

    Some of the most intelligent minds of this world were the most devious. Hitler was a man of great intellect, but also an insane and very evil man. He did not see himself this way, and neither did many others who regarded him as wise. While the Nazis felt they were doing a service to the world, the world felt that Germany was under corrupt rule and must be stopped.

    Some of the most genius people in our history were considered to be mad. If an intelligent man gives into his selfish nature, his genius can facilitate his greed. In this, we see corruption.

    Then again, some genius men were the liberators of the world: and many of them fought for the good of the common man, a man whose intellect was far from their own. For these men, their unselfish or humane nature facilitated justice and good deeds.

    Now, if you mean intelligence in the way of secret service and CIA, YES. Intelligence in this manner was intended to keep information from the masses, and to carry out agendas that would otherwise be detrimental to society. Is corruption found in the form of widespread ignorance and disinvolvement? Yes, definatley so.

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    One has to be intelligent to understand how the systems works and how to cheat the systems, therefore it has this kind of link to corruption. However, an intelligent person can easily be hard-working, dedicated, fair, and good-willed, which can make him non-corrupt.

  • No. Real intelligence does not yield to corruption. Only the capacity for associating and dissociating items can be linked to corruption.

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    To do corruption, one has to be intelligent. Otherwise, the person will be caught redhanded ! That way there is a linkage between the two. But that should not mean that all intelligent people are corrupt.

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    It is not a small question. It is a big question.

    Intelligence is the gift of God to man. Intelligence is a part of mental function.

    One should not play with our own mind. Mind is a mystical power. Mind is a best friend. Mind is also a worst enemy. Intelligent people may try to escape from corrupt activities. It is anyway short lived.

    There is one thing called natural force. It comes to the rescue of people who make best use of their brain for self development while also taking care of universal interests.

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    Intelligence by itself doesn't breed corruption although it can help achieve corrupt motives better and more efficiently.

    Corruption is the result of seeking objectives without being prepared to work for them....... a sort of sloth leading one to adopt illegal or immoral short cuts.

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    If power corrupts and knowledge is power, wouldn't knowledge=corruption?

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    I would say yes...

    but tell me, is "wisdom" also linked to corruption?

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    We must be talking about the courts, dishonest people with power behind them to back them up, is what it boils down to.

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