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DD asked in 旅遊歐洲大陸其他 - 歐洲 · 1 decade ago

UK Eurolines funfares?

There is no funfares available in May for online booking from London to Amsterdam by Eurolines coach. It costs GBP25 to Amsterdam. However, there are funfares provided for booking within end of April about GBP15-17. If I want to go to Amsterdam on 5 May by night coach with funfares, should I wait till May and book online? Does anybody know that the online funfares are usually available for the month only? Is it worth to buy the ticket now for GBP25 because I worry that there will be no funfares provided if I make a booking in May with a increased price.

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  • Walter
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    1 decade ago
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    Funfares on Eurolines are sold at a first come first serve basis... It would be available once the services is bookable online which is few months ahead of the schedule departure... If Funfares are no longer available at a specific date, that means all Funfare seats are being sold out already...

    It depence on the GBP25 is a promotional ticket or are actually full fare tickets... If that is the full fare ticket, you could wait for a while first since that would be the maximum fare that they sell, but please be aware that there is actually possibility that the services is full if you book later... If that is the promtional ticket, then you should book now since promotional fares usually have to be booked 7days before departure...

    So unless there are cheaper alternative, I would suggest you to book soon to ensure that you would actually get a seat on the services...

    Source(s): Been living in UK for some 10yrs...
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