should I trade all my movies, in order to get some clothes?

I just turned 17, I don't YET have a job, and ALL my clothes are very old. I used to be bigger, and now all my clothers are extremely to baggy and severly torn. I don't get allowance, and my parents can't afford to buy me knew clothes. I do have about 30 dvds, that if given cash for, I could get about 60-70 dollars. I really like my movies...ALOT, but i think clothes are way more important. Just wondered what you guys think.


Thanks for the answers.

I am going to get a job, but it is a little difficult. We are in the army, and live on base, and the closest place for me to work is about 15 minutes away in car. We only have one car and my stepdad always needs it for work. So...right now it is a little hard. I am trying though.

Update 2:

Also I do not watch the movies alot. I think I just want to keep them, because they are some of the few things i have...I know thats stupid, but having them makes me feel less...poor.

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    Do you watch all the movies on a regular basis? Or are they mostly just sitting there in their cases?

    I would keep my favorite movies, and then cash in the rest. Until you get a job, buy clothes that you will wear a lot. A good pair of jeans and a couple shirts or sweaters.

    Apply for a job everywhere and anywhere, your first job doesn't need to be top notch. After that, treat yourself to new clothes and maybe a few DVD's. =]

    Also, try second-hand or discount clothing stores to get the most bang for your buck.

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    Sure. Buy the clothes you need, keep looking for a job and replace the movies when you have one.

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    I know a good way to keep your movies and your clothes.

    Get a job! Easy!

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    1 decade ago

    At this situation cloth is necessary item and your movie is secondary. Then you should have to sold your movie and buy clothes for you.

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