would you let your child date?

ok so i like this boy n my school im 12 and he is to but my parents won't let me date T.T its not like were gonna "do stuff" and the boy likes me to and soon i know he is gonna ask me out cuz he's tod me he liked me before.. what shall i do? date him or not?

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    date him and then like tell your parents after a few weeks but like keep it a secret or just tell them and make it like a little group date or with your friends.

  • Since you are only 12, it'd be rather awkward to actually DATE this kid. [NOTE: By dating, I mean, going out to dinner and a movie just the two of you] You're both too young to drive, and I highly doubt you want your parents out on the date with you.

    Instead, simply explain to your parents that "dating" in [middle school, im guessing..?] is completely different from actually dating.

    It might be helpful to use the term "going out with".

    Explain that this only means you "claim each other" as boyfriend and girlfriend, and maybe hold hands every other day at school.

    It'll make your parents more comfortable, and more willing to let you see a boy.

    Also explain that if you DO want to actually go out, it is acceptable that your parents come with.

    After all, you're 12, and you have many more years to worry about actually going on a date.

  • Ellen
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    In my experience its wayyy easier to have your parents on your side when you're dating, so don't go behind their back or anything. I had my first "boyfriend" when I was 13 in 8th grade, and didn't tell my parents, and that made it that much harder. They wouldn't have let me date at that age anyways, and they shouldn't have. At that age, you're interested in the opposite sex but you aren't prepared for a relationship. You need to know yourself really well before you can be in a relationship, so take this confusing time in your life to develop some strong convictions and morals.

    I realize I sound like an old woman saying this but I'm only 17

    Talk to your parents, see what they say. be respectful, as if you show them you are mature in how you approach it, they might be alright with group dating or something

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    I got my first girlfriend at 16.

    You don't need to date at 12. People who start that early end up losing their virginity at 14. I'm a virgin at 17.

    Oh, and I didn't date because I didn't want to. It makes no sense until you are actually looking for a longterm relationship.

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    If your parents don't let you date, then your question is moot. You won't be allowed to "date" him. And, if you were my child, I most certainly would say, "Sure, you can get together with him for a movie or a school activity; and I'll be right there with ya.!"

  • Anonymous
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    im 14 and im aloud to date. I just got my first bf soooo maybe u should wait cause 12 is kindaaa younnng....

  • Anonymous
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    "it's not like we are gonna do stuff"

    you don't know that, you are far too immature for a relationship... and any 12 year old is.

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    you are entirely too young to be dating. it's cool to kick it at school and stuff but as far as going out after school and coming to one anothers house you are too young and your parents are right.

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