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How to reformat a hard drive without using a cd?

Can anyone help me to reformat a hard drive without using the disc?


i have an operating system disc, but i want to reformat the hard drive first.

Update 2:

i need to WIPE CLEAN the harddrive!

Update 3:

my OS disc doesn't give any options to format the harddrive

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    You'd need an OS installer on a separate partition, a CD, DVD, floppy disks (old school), or an external hard drive or flash drive (provided your system can boot from USB devices).

    You don't necessarily need a CD, but as someone else already said you need an install disk of some kind.


    Okay, that makes more sense. The Windows setup program will give you the option of formatting the hard drive when you start a new installation. There are usually 2 options: Quick format and Full format. Full is a thorough process that can take a bit of time while Quick just rebuilds the drive indexes.

    If it's an OEM restore disk (it came with your computer and sets your system back to factory default) then it typically accomplishes the same end.


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    What do you mean reformat? Are you trying to reinstall Windows or just wipe the CD clean? If you need Windows then you'll have to have the CD. If you want to reformat it then you can hook it to another computer and format it.

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    if you want to format the hard drive you need to use an external source to run the program - you cant run a formatting program from the drive you're formatting.

    you can use a boot floppy, boot to another internal hard drive, boot to a usb device, use a boot-cd or a boot-dvd but the program to do the reformat cant be on the drive youre formatting.

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    If you just format the hard drive it erases every thing on the hard drive including the operating system. Then you still have to use a set of disc made for the lap top to re install the operating system. So it is best to just use the system recovery disc set made for the lap top and re install, this formats and install a new fresh operating system just like came on the lap top from factory. The you can change the language after installing but you will need some one who can interpret for you from Greek to English. Or buy a new boxed Windows XP install if you can even find one.

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    ooh that is hard but not impossible

    might need some more info though on what you are trying to exactly

    1 are reformatting and reinstalling

    2 are planning to use it as a slave

    3 if reinstalling do you have another resource besides a disk (floppy, usb flash, network, etc.

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    Before you reformat the hd, you need the discs to install the os and whatever programs you want to use.

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    Do you have more than one hard drive? Are you reformatting a secondart drive?

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    what brand of computer and what os vista or xp???

    look on the bottom of the screen when you restart your computer and it will tell you what F key to press

    most computers come with a recovery partition to make things easy and not use a disk all brands have differnt keys to press

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    convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

    For example, typing convert D: /fs:ntfs would format drive D: with the ntfs format.

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    You can do it with a windows floppy boot disk

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