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What action can i take on teachers constantly picking on my son?

My son, who attends a secondary school, is always being picked on by teachers. it has come to the stage, were i have to go iin school on a weekly basis. they always blame him, when it is not him and constantly pick on him, for example, this week they have put him into exclusion and report for his hairstyle which he has had for over 3 yrs. Also the teachers are also shouting at him in his face, what action can i take against the school or teachers? He is getting to the point that he is sick of school and at such an important time (gcse's)

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    ok 1st go to the school and talk to the principal or the highest person in charge there.

    2 if that doesnt work, go to the school board

    3 if that doesnt work go to the authorites

    4 go to your local radio station or paper and ask and/or tell your situation and whatever you want to do

    5 and really hopefully it wont go to this but go to and iot mght be very hard but it worked for my friend, go to the mayor or govenor and explain your situation VERY TRHOUGHOLY and if im correct they can do somethign about that.

    the mayor my friend went to was and is very nice and looks down very harsly on bad things going on in school but if it EVER reaches this state, it will more than likely become a national thing becuase manhy people are gettign aware of what is going on in shcools now

    dont criticize me aboiut going to the mayro or govenor becuase it does and has happened.

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    I would most certainly approach the principal, if that does not work ( or if you have already to no avail ) then go to the school board director or any member of the school board that you may know. If you can get proof and/ or witnesses that can vouch for you and your son, get a lawyer and ask what action should be taken if that does not help. These teachers are interfering with your son's development socially and intellectually and it is not fair to him.

    I hope I helped!

    Good luck to you and your son!

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    Where are you getting your information is my first question? We all want to believe our kids are blameless perfect little angels, but that's just not the case. Kids are also wonderful at "fixing" the story so they are the guiltless ones and embellishing everyone else's role. Teenagers are especially good at this because they have learned how to cover up the lying. I would get some more information first, call the principal and tell them you are hearing some disturbing things from your son about teachers' actions towards him and you want a mediation between you and the teachers involved, bring along your son to get the full story and decide whether your anger is warranted. I'm not saying that this could never happen- some teachers have no business being around children, but you want to be able to proceed with facts and not just one side of the story.

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    Your son could be a totally different child when he goes to school. You need to have a meeting with the teachers and principal. Find out exactly what type of situations are happening in the classroom. Unfortunately there are many rules in school and some kids especially if they don't "like" their teacher don't like to follow them. Please have an open mind about this and don't just assume it is the schools fault.

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    You need to discuss it with the principal first. If you go over his head there will only be more problems. If he/she is unable to deal with the issue then go to the school board and voice your concerns. If nothing improves you may need to consider homeschooling for the remainder of the year or else change schools.

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    go to the prinicpal. Sit down and hold a confrence with them.

    If it gets worse threaten to have him pulled out of school if this continues and talk to the PTO of the school.

    I can't believe some teachers!!!!!!!

    Hope that helps.

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    well the first thing is the talk to the school board if things don't improve report it to the government we had an issue like this at my school but the board sorted it out.

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    try to meet with the teacher and then shout at him in his face...just to make them feel how it is. and i am not even joking!

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    Complain, in writing, to your Local Education Authority at County Hall.

    If they do not help, complain to OFSTED

    If they do not help, contact your local CAB.

    Give 'em hell, they deserve it.

    Put EVERYTHING in writing, KEEP copies.

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    i would go to the school board

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