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How do I obtain the official NHL game-by-game history?


Can it be bought through the NHL?

Update 2:

LITY - So, I would do better to contact each team and request their records?

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  • Favorite Answer, because it doesn't exist. One of the areas where Bettman has gained the NHL great credibility is in it statistical records. Unlike baseball, the NHL does not have 'officially' verified game by game summaries like baseball.

    People knock hockey saying Americans hate it, etc.............but hockeydb, and hockey-reference trail only baseball-reference and retrosheet in number of hits from US based IP addresses.

    Several NHL historians/statistical freaks (like cyrenaica) are in favour of the NHL adopting a site similar to baseball's retrosheet (an exhaustive list of MLB box scores dating back almost to day 1) with NHL summaries.

    Some problems exist

    - not all teams kept the same information

    - the league didn't require permanent copies of all information

    There are a lot of cases, especially pre-dating the 1967 expansion where the NHL database is void of information. No power-play goals exist before that date - yet we know that n the 1950s the rules were changed because the Canadiens would often score more than once on a 2 minute power-play.

    There are numerous ocassions where the only record of a game are the newpaper articles, and in different cities, the articles and summaries are sometimes different.

    Some of the summaries from the 20s list goal scorers, assists, and penalties - but no times are given. Newspaper articles have been used to fill in the gaps.

    The NHL does license the information for use, and it starts at $10,000 a year, I'm not sure what one gets for that. Newspapers, TV and Radio pay closer to $100,000/yr for their information.

    For the record, David Ritchie gets credit for the NHL's first ever goal, simply because the game he was in started 15 minutes earlier than the other game that night, and articles state he scored a couple minutes into the game. Some people believe that he gets the nod because the first goal scorer in the other game was Joseph Malone..............and he has enough NHL notoriety.

    If you're in Philly

    1) Try a University Library and see if they have old Montreal/Toronto/New York papers

    2) Contact the Hockey News, they published game summary/stats etc for YEARS

    3)The teams will have their stuff nowadays through the NHL and may not be able to help you.

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    Hard to go wrong with the 50 in 39 game. That or the game where he tied Howe for the alltime goal scoring lead. Best regular season game I have been to, two come to mind. Saku Koivu's first game back from his battle with cancer. Atmosphere was amazing and a Pens vs Nordiques game I attended in 92 or 93 in the Colisee in Qc. Nordiques are up 3-0 in the third when the mario show starts. Final mario 5 Nords 3. 3 goals and an assist in the third.

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    "Official?" I don't know how authentic or how far back you want it to be, but I know you can get a simple HTML version from yahoo sports. It goes back for a few seasons, I think.

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    I don't think Lity's allowed to release that information

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    Funny..... i guess you could eat some acid and have some flashbacks

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