I need parts for Benjamin Franklin model 347 air rifle.?

The pump seals are wore out and in need of replacement.


stamped into the left side, it clearly is "Benjamin Franklin"

Update 2:

And on the safety end of the air chamber , it is stamped "Benjamin air rifle co. st.louis, U.S.A."

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    From Pyramydair.com blog

    Doug >"I have a Benjamin Franklin air rifle, where do I get replacement parts"<***

    Tom Gaylord >"It's a Benjamin, not a Benjamin Franklin. That's just a play on the company name"<

    Benjamin airgun - parts & service

    George Pena



    Rick Willnecker



    "Where to get Pneumatic or CO2 airguns fixed?"



    Later: What you have is a Benjamin 347 a .177 caliber multi-pump pneumatic with a rifled brass barrel. The Benjamin 342 was the .22 caliber version of the same. The Benjamin 340 was a smooth bore designed to shoot steel BBs. >These rifles were made from the late 60's up until the early 90's The models 310, 312 & 317 came before and the 392 & 397 after.

    The "Benjamin Franklin" >in quotes you will notice< as stamped on the left side of the barrel was a play(joke) on the company name of Benjamin. It is not the name of the company, nor is it the model. >It's a very common misconception, and you see BF airguns for sale all the time

    Which was why I posted the information from Tom Gaylord. >Where he correctly identifies your rifle.

    I was just trying to help, you may use the information as you see fit.

    B.B Pelletier >>"I see "Benjamin Franklin" airguns for sale all the time(no such airgun ever existed)"<<.


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